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Time is interconnected with mass, right?

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    If I was moving at the speed of light therefore mass less - time would stop for me right?

    Or if I was a blackhole time would be accelerating infinitely pass me?

    Time is interconnected with mass, right?
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    Re: Time

    Actually, your questions seem to have to do more with special relativity than with quantum physics.

    Not as far as I know.
    When you get closer and closer to the speed of light, time will slow down for you. In a limit it would stop completely, but that's really a limit (and you cannot reach it). Trying to extend this to actually travelling at the speed of light is both physically and mathematically incorrect. You can never compare someone/-thing moving slower than the speed of light with something travelling at the speed of light.

    A black hole is an even more complicated story, since special relativity does not suffice there and one should look at the full theory of general relativity.

    That's a bit of a vague statement. For things with mass, moving at velocities with respect to something else, relative measurements will (have to) differ in order to give the same physical outcomes of experiments. I would not say that time is directly interconnected with mass.
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