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Titration Question (High School Chem)

  1. Apr 20, 2010 #1
    Ok i got to answer i series of 8 questions, most of them i think rely of the question before it to complete the others.Heres what im given:

    A student was trying to determine the concentration of an ammonium chloride solution. he made up a solution of barium hydroxide by dissolving 52.947g in a volumetric flask made up up 1.0L and then tirtrate 50 ml of this solution with unknown ammonium chloride solution. The following resutls were obtained

    Intial volume 3.38ml and final volume 35.07ml (in the lab it did it for three trials im jsut goin gto give the average)

    The newly standized ammonium solution was then used to determine the concentration of 50 ml of an unknown solution of lithium hydroxide with the following results:

    Intial volume 2.76ML and final volume 40.81ml

    Now here are the questions: I got the first 4 but the last few i need help.

    1.Calculate the concentraion of barium hydoxide.
    answer: 0.30900 mol/L

    2.Determine the concentration of hydroixde ions.
    answer: 0.6180 mol/L

    3.Calculate the number of moles of hydroixde ion in the flask.
    answer: 0.6180mol/L

    4.Calculate the average titrant volume for the first series of titrations:
    answer: 31.7mL

    ----The following im having trouble with----

    5.Determine the concentration of ammonium chloride solution
    6.Calculate the average titrant volume for the second series of titrations
    answer: 38.05ml
    7.determine the number of moles of ammonium ions used to neutralize the hydroxide ions.
    8.Determine the concentration of the lithium hydroxide solution.
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