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A school is an educational institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students (or "pupils") under the direction of teachers. Most countries have systems of formal education, which is sometimes compulsory. In these systems, students progress through a series of schools. The names for these schools vary by country (discussed in the Regional section below) but generally include primary school for young children and secondary school for teenagers who have completed primary education. An institution where higher education is taught, is commonly called a university college or university.
In addition to these core schools, students in a given country may also attend schools before and after primary (Elementary in the US) and secondary (Middle school in the US) education. Kindergarten or preschool provide some schooling to very young children (typically ages 3–5). University, vocational school, college or seminary may be available after secondary school. A school may be dedicated to one particular field, such as a school of economics or a school of dance. Alternative schools may provide nontraditional curriculum and methods.
Non-government schools, also known as private schools may be required when the government does not supply adequate, or specific educational needs. Other private schools can also be religious, such as Christian schools, gurukula (Hindu School), madrasa (Arabic schools), hawzas (Shi'i Muslim schools), yeshivas (Jewish schools), and others; or schools that have a higher standard of education or seek to foster other personal achievements. Schools for adults include institutions of corporate training, military education and training and business schools.
In homeschooling and distance education, teaching and learning take place independent from the institution of school or in a virtual school outside a traditional school building respectively. Schools are commonly organized in several different organizational models, including departmental, small learning communities, academies, integrated, and schools-within-a-school.

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  1. U

    Why we rejected inclined (drafting style) table for studying?

    Wouldn't it be better for people how study, read/write 8hours every day, to have inclined table? Today table is not good for your neck. Monitors stay vertical and will never stay horizontal... Why we rejected inclined table in school system?
  2. scribkibs

    Other Can't take physics my first year

    As an undergraduate highly considering graduate school, what are some ways I can still remain engaged with physics and with my institution's physics department despite my delayed start (I cannot take intro physics until my second year)? I was thinking of regularly attending department colloquia...
  3. BvU

    Baffled by old school exam

    Book answer is ##\qquad a≥0\qquad x={ 7\over 9}\;a\ \ \lor\ \ x={ 13\over 14}\;a\ \ ##but I fail to see how to get there ! Stunned by an 1886 dutch high school exam exercise. Hats off for the 17 year olds that did it ! ##\ ##
  4. jkengineer

    High School Project - Mini Airhockey Table with Robotic Arm

    [Mentor Note -- This thread start is outside of the normal scope of PF, but we are allowing it because it's a pretty well-done project for the level of the student] :smile: Hi all, I would like to share my high school engineering project - A Mini Airhockey table with Robotic Defender...
  5. bluehibiscus

    Schools I need help choosing my undergrad physics school please

    with scholarships making the costs relatively the same, which college would you choose for physics major - rutgers, stonybrook or rensselaer? bs in physics, not engineering. don't want to choose research interest area just yet but likely interested in grad school more than industry right after...
  6. T

    I Number System by Inuit School Kids now in Unicode

  7. S

    Schools Can I still be competitive at a small school?

    Long story short, this college in my hometown is the only place that's financially viable for me to go to school (at least for my first year, I may be able to get better transfer scholarships than I was as a freshman). It has a student population of 5000, and around here if you go there its...
  8. kamalMKA

    Mechanics for High School Students: Building a Robotic Arm

    TL;DR Summary: Mechanical engineering,robotics,mechnics,dynamics Hi guys , I'm new to mechnics and I want to learn it for building robotic arm , but I find mechanics book topics somewhat difficult for me , what I need to learn to get started as I'm a highschool student with basic level math.
  9. nsypgorz

    Advice: Doing grad school abroad and getting a masters instead of PhD

    My background: I live in the US and I graduated last June with my BS in physics. Went to an alright school and was an alright student (3.52 overall GPA, 3.49 major) with minors in math and CS. I did 2 internships, but my first one I basically did nothing, and my second was basically translating...
  10. K

    Preparing for Grad School: A Organic Chemistry Review

    I’m starting my PhD in Organic Chemistry this Fall. I want to review all of undergraduate Organic Chemistry and I’m trying to develop a plan of attack. I did alright in lectures but not perfectly and did quite well in labs. I don’t want to be bombarded in grad school and want to have a proper...
  11. Wrichik Basu

    Other Updating Resume for Graduate School Admissions in India: Adding Online Courses

    I am about to start applying to different graduate schools in my country (India) for pursuing a Masters in Physics. Unfortunately, very few Indian universities actually want a resume, and offer admission based on competitive exams only. Nevertheless, I am updating my resume and keeping it ready...
  12. W

    Job Skills How do you become a physics teacher in highschool or gymnasium school?

    Hi,I'm a student in Romania and I want to know the steps for becoming a physics teacher. Do you need a master degree or can you teach with a bachelor's degree?
  13. whatevs

    Intro Math Are the (translated) High School Japanese maths textbooks by Kodaira Good?

    I'm trying to review some high school maths and work my way to Calculus and Linear Algebra, and I found these three translations of Japanese maths textbooks translated by the AMS and edited by Kunihiko Kodaira. The AMS links to them are: https://bookstore.ams.org/cdn-1669378252560/mawrld-8/...
  14. S

    Is "College Algebra" really just high school "Algebra II"?

    I had learned everything in College Algebra in my Algebra II course in high school, and indeed (at least at my alma mater) in engineering, physics or math, no credit is even given for College Algebra. Perhaps what is going on here is that colleges can't trust that someone who has passed (even...
  15. pensive in PA

    Other Should I go back to grad school for physics after 4.5 years?

    In 2017 I graduated with a B.S. in physics and went on to a physics Ph.D. program in the fall. After six months, though, because of mental health problems I left grad school on a "medical leave of absence" from which I chose not to return in fall 2018. After job-searching for a while, I settled...
  16. StellarisVoid

    Help with building a school rocket

    Hello, I attend a physics club at my school and now, we are building rockets until winter. I need some help because I really want to beat the GCSE students. We are in self chosen teams and the winner is who gets their rocket the highest(hopefully it will go high enough so we can't see it) I have...
  17. P

    Can’t tell the difference between a “good” school and a top 5 private school

    I’m not sure what I was expecting to be honest. Definitely not an entire campus population of geniuses but I’ve spent the past 2 months here (albeit as a research tech taking grad classes, not a student) and I guess I was expecting to, I dunno, be humiliated with everyone’s brilliance as well as...
  18. Azerack

    Admissions Safety School Programs for a Physics PhD

    Hi, this is my first time using the Physics Forums so please let me know if this question belongs somewhere else. I'm a senior undergraduate at a mid-size institution in the United States seeking to purse a PhD in High Energy Theoretical physics or Quantum Information/Computing. I'm aware these...
  19. malawi_glenn

    Ideas for group theory for high school math project

    Hi As high school teacher, I sometimes have those extremely talanted and self driven pupils. In their final year, they are required to make a science or math project, roughly one month full-time studies, approx 15-20 pages report. This academic year, one of my students have learned some group...
  20. A

    Math Applied math work opportunities for high school students?

    Hi. I'm a high school student interested in applied math, including but not limited to climate modelling, auto differentiation, and simulations. It'd be really nice if I could get some experience in those fields in a structured learning environment, like an internship, with mentors if possible...
  21. D

    MHB Free Math Tutoring Videos Focusing on Math Olympiad, Calculus, and High School Math

    Dear members in this nice community, Let me introduce myself first. My name is Derek Liang, and I am from Canada. I hold a bachelor degree in math education, a PhD in math from China and a PhD in applied math from Canada. I have more than twenty years of experience teaching and tutoring math at...
  22. P

    Other Does prestige of school matter for post-graduate research positions?

    Apparently I always find myself back here when bad things happen lol..like damn it’s been six years. Recent college graduate. I want to take a year or two working and honing my skills before graduate school. One, because I’m tired and need the break but also, two, for reasons beyond my control...
  23. matqkks

    Looking for old mathematics textbooks (high school to undergrad level)

    Where can I purchase old mathematics textbooks on Advanced level (16-18 year olds) or undergraduate mathematics? I am ideally looking for books from the 1920’s to 1980’s.
  24. J

    Physics presentation ideas please for a senior in high school

    Hi! I'm in my final year of high school and I need to present to a jury a 5 minute presentation on a physics question. I'm looking for a topic that would combine physics and everyday life , similar to explaining ball movement in a given sport through aerodynamics and movement trajectory. My...
  25. Pipsqueakalchemist

    Admissions Should I forget about grad school?

    So I’m a 3rd year mechatronics engineering student, I wanted to get into grad school for engineering or maybe even physics. But after this semester I don’t know if I can actually get in or if I’m even smart enough to. I purposely split my 3rd year up and I’m only taking 3 courses this semester...
  26. theycallmevirgo

    Other NSF grant strategy advice for my 2-year school

    I've been out of school for over a year because of some drastic physical health garbage, and I'm thinking about going back in 3-6 months, to a 2 year school. One of the schools a little further down from me has a big grant from NSF...
  27. I

    Admissions Research experience for physics grad school application

    Hi my name is Idan. I plan to study for a physics Bachelor at Israel, my homeland. although is way too early I'd like to proceed towards higher education as well, particularly in the US. The problem is that in Israel there is no physics internships and research projects offered for students at...
  28. gleem

    Approaches for teaching Modern Physics in Grade School and University

    [Mentor Note -- thread spun off from a thread in the Advisor forums] Both Feynman and Einstein have famous quotes about explaining physics concepts to those not well schooled in physics.(freshman undergrad and a six year old respectively). Yet both hedged a bit on this: Einstein Things should...
  29. T

    COVID How has COVID affected your school?

    I am studying Data Science in University right now and because of COVID lessons are 95% online. I have to watch the webinar for 2 whole hours and because of that my grades are dropping as I have no mood to study. Academics asides I also felt socially disconnected in my school because I can't see...
  30. robertya1027

    Studying Any tips for getting GPA over 3.7 in grad school?

    Grad school courses are hard, but how to maintain at least a 3.7 GPA? That's it, I'm sick of caring about GPA, and consider in grad school this is my last time doing tests, I want to let myself go a bit and not get a perfect GPA. I don't want more burnouts in grad school. I'd rather focus on...
  31. danbmurphy

    Physics Going back to grad school after having finished all classes

    I was in graduate school for an Applied Physics PhD program for 3 years, where I got my Master's and took all the required classes for the PhD. I left because I wanted to try my hand at teaching, and I LOVED it. Now I am 34 years old, and I am wondering if there is any possibility of going back...
  32. 0

    Other I decided to drop out of school

    I was enrolled in meteorology but after so many failures, low grades, I decided to drop out. Some friends of mine who were admitted in the same year as me loved the field so much that they are already doing their PhD, in some cases abroad. For a long time I've been day dreaming about computer...
  33. M

    Schools Is there a good school to pursue a BS in Math (Online) degree?

    Currently, I am still in community college but I am not confident of getting admitted/accepted to Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) next year, although I've applied this fall as a transfer applicant. I want to know if there's a good school to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Online) degree with...
  34. M

    Admissions Grad School Admissions: Which do I Bother With?

    Hello! I am wondering which grad schools to apply to because I honestly don't understand the grad school admission process. It involves a lot more than undergrad admissions- now I need to apply for TA or research positions etc. Also, I have been told that the school choice is more important for...
  35. Falgun

    I A Question on Spinors in a High school textbook

    While revising Rotational motion, I came across a qualitative question which blew me away. Meaning I couldn't even understand the question let alone answer it😅. It has to do with these objects called spinors which as I understand are evoked in quantum mechanics and Relativity. I am attaching the...
  36. mishima

    High School Chemistry: Stoichiometry Readings?

    Hi there, I've taught high school stoichiometry (limiting reactant, theoretical yield, etc) for about a decade now focusing on both math (such as mol reactant to grams product) and related lab techniques (maximizing percent yield). I would like to expand my curriculum with some good readings...
  37. AJSayad

    Grad School Flow Simulation PC Build

    Hey everyone, I'm coming to the end of my Mechanical Engineering B.S. degree and I've been in the process of applying to mechanical and aerospace PhD programs. I want to do research in fluid mechanics; I have some expereience in hypersonics from a Research Expereince for Undergraduates NSF...
  38. P

    Having trouble deducing 4 organic structures (High school exam qn)

    Summary:: Please see picture below The dotted line at Test 3 means to continue using the above solution, and add NaOH with the teat pipette. The dotted line separating tests 3 and 4 should be a hard line, which means to use a fresh sample of FA10 and perform the test. It is also known that...
  39. Jose_Luis7846

    Other Aerospace Engineering: A 21-Year-Old's Guide to College

    Hello my names Jose and was thinking going to college for areospace engineering. I always thought college wasnt for me, i have a decent paying job right now and am content with it. But recently i have really been enjoying doing research about rockets/plane/space companys and have been...
  40. M

    MHB Combination/probability question (High School level)

    Hi all. I'm doing a counting/probability problem here. I can see how the correct answer for part b is arrived at by counting the number of combinations for "2 girls" then counting the number of combinations for "3 girls" , and adding these results. But I've attached my first way of approaching...
  41. AtlasB

    Schools Where should I go for school?

    Hi all. I am a high school senior in Miami, and I want to pursue physics in undergrad (obviously). With college applications so close I have been faced with a very unexpected dilemma. I also don't have anyone to ask about physics specifically, so I'm hoping for some life-advice from people in...
  42. bhobba

    With Delta Attending School A Difficult Dilemma

    See: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.08.10.21261726v1 'Without interventions in place, the vast majority of susceptible students among K12 schools will become infected, and school absences will increase, followed by additional cases in communities as infected students transmit to...
  43. S

    Intro Physics Books for high school physics E&M [No integrals]

    Can you recommend introductory physics book for high school that contains E & M ? It should not have any integrals.
  44. L

    Studying Self-study for math and physics or sticking with school material?

    I am in the last year of my high-school with an aspiration to do a double-bachelor in Physics and Math. I am not sure if I am capable of doing so (I am not the smartest), but it is really one of my dreams to study both subjects, so I will try. However, sometimes I experience some difficulty in...
  45. C

    Geometry Recommendation for High School Geometry book

    Dear Everyone, So I would like some recommendation for high school geometry books that are affordable and preferably e-books. Why do I need some books on high school geometry? I would like to improve my geometric reasoning. When I took high school geometry a decade and half ago, I was...
  46. MichPod

    High School Physics online video courses and MOOCs?

    Hi Everybody, Could you please point me to some good video courses on Physics for the High School level and generally of the introductory level? What I could find meanwhile are: "How Things Work: An Introduction to Physics" from Coursera and "Intro to Physics" from Udacity. I am looking for...
  47. AJSayad

    Other Taking Care of a Pet while in Grad School

    Hi everyone, This may (or may not) be a silly question to ask but I figured I would throw it up on here and see where it takes me. I'm a senior ME major and I am currently looking into and applying to MAE (ME/Aerospace) PhD programs and I was wondering if it would be possible/realistic to take...
  48. R

    Physics 'challenge' type problems, High School (16-18) level

    Hi all I've long been a fan of the nrich site for maths and in recent years it has started to add a section on physics here. I also like IsaacPhysics although I haven't used it much in the past year so am still trying to get used to the new layout. I'm looking for other resources along this...
  49. J

    Programming Languages used in Graduate School? (quantum, high energy, and nuclear physics)

    Hello, I have 1 undergrad year left and was wondering what the most used programming languages in grad school are. I still don't know which grad school will accept me so I haven't bothered to ask them directly as my application will be in November when I get my GRE scores. I am Interested in...
  50. YouAreAwesome

    How many combinations? (High school math problem)

    Summary:: Year 11 Extension 1 Math problem (Australia) How many combinations can be made from a 4 digit pin code if we can only use two numbers to form our pin code, and we MUST use 2 distinct numbers. E.g. 1112, 4334, 9944, 3232. But NOT 1111, 2113, 0992 etc. We're using the numbers 0-9 and...