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  1. hagopbul

    Computer DIY ideas for quarantine time

    Hello all: I hope all are fine and well in their houses As I am looking into ways to fill my empty time other than reading undergraduate physics books I start to look around and wonder about giving online lessons for public school students , which they are now without a school , but I found...
  2. Fabrizio Vassallo

    Schools Recommendations of experiments to a high school student.

    Hello! First of all, thank you taking the time to read this. I'm a high school student currently about to begin my last year (I'm from Argentina so here we start in March) and would like to study physics in 2020. Because of that, I contacted a university here and they told me that if I wanted...
  3. avischiffman

    B How to shorten this speech about BH?

    Hi guys I am writing a speech for a school video and I have a maximum of 3 minutes, but I've written 4 minutes and 17 seconds worth of stuff. I need help cutting the fat away giving me around 2 minutes and 45 seconds worth of stuff so that I can have some quick experiments and speak slower so...
  4. C

    Programs SF Bay Area night/part time undergrad physics programs?

    Does anyone know of any night B.S. Physics programs in the SF Bay Area? I can't switch jobs or stop working full time. I don't have the luxury to go back to school full time, nor extra financial support. I want to go back to school for a completely different career path. I currently have a...
  5. X

    Schools What school/program to look for -- high school junior looking at going into a career in physics

    Hello, I am a high school junior looking at going into a career in physics. Over the past few years, I have found that I enjoy physics, specifically in "understanding" the atom, and the mind boggling ideas of what happens at that level. I think I want to study particle physics or quantum...
  6. S

    Programs Any advice for choosing a major?

    I am currently a freshman and I am feeling increasing pressure to choose a major. I do not really know what I want to do but I have done some research and have narrowed it down to physics, math, or engineering (all except chemistry focused ones). I have really enjoyed all my calculus classes and...
  7. Night Rod

    Should I study Chemistry?

    Hello everyone, I plan to return back to school in the spring from a small break that i took in order to move out. I was going to school for Engineering Science (associates). I'm basically done with all my general studies and as far as quantitative and natural sciences go I completed Algebra 1...
  8. Y

    Studying Learning physics and maths

    Hi, I am really very interested in learning physics and becoming researcher or scientist. But I have few problems like I am not good at maths at all I can remember formulas and constants value. I am not at all interested in electricity and magnetism. I don't really know what am I good at. I...
  9. jamalkoiyess

    Schools Undergraduate level summer schools

    I am searching for an undergraduate level summer school, not the ones where you are being taught like an ordinary semester, but preferably the ones where you take a fast 1-2 week concentrated courses, and maybe some research. Something like Plasma Surf. I want something that is either related...
  10. Question_

    How do you learn?

    I'm a rather slow learner relative to other students. I take the understanding of the material to be of greater importance than rote memorization of it. If anyone looks at the forgetting curve of memorized material, you can appreciate how inefficient rote memorization is. I'm also quite lazy in...
  11. T dawg

    Courses Should I take a physics course over summer or is it cramming

    At my community college, the first calculus based physics courses (the predecessor to modern physics) are split into 3 semesters: mechanics, electromagnetism, and thermodyamics/light. As long as you take the mechanics part first, you can choose which one to take next. This summer session is 8...
  12. C

    Need advice -- Physics vs. Engineering vs. Computer Science...

    Ok guys here's the deal, I was accepted to UC Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, waitlisted at UCLA for Physics as a transfer A little background: I know a moderate deal of programming, have taken Assembly Language, OOP, Data and Discrete Structures. What I want to accomplish: Create a successful...
  13. qspeechc

    Looking for Website with lots of School Exercises in Maths

    Hello everyone. A while ago someone gave me the address of a website which has a large collection of Maths excercises on all the school topics, but I lost it. Does anyone know of such a site? Just with a large collections of maths excercises on all topics. Cheers.
  14. megk

    Physics Outreach ideas

    I am trying to build up our physics outreach in uni by taking a team of people out 'science busking' on the streets. Has anyone got any experiments or good equipment (preferably physics) which would be exciting enough to attract attention and get people more excited about physics?
  15. akaliuseheal

    System of 2 equations

    Homework Statement [/B] It's a system of 2 equations. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution My attempt is not worth writing here. Results I got using Microsoft Mathematics without showing me step by step.
  16. Magna Curiositate

    Biology Road to becoming a Botanist?

    Hi there, I was hoping I could get some advice to get on a path to become a Botanist, specifically one the deals in the Genetics Engineering of new Plants (not Pharming but something along the lines of creating new breeds of plant for consumption). I feel this is what I want to do with my life...
  17. C

    Courses I'm really struggling

    I've just started my AS levels at a new school in a different area. My previous school was a pretty average state school and my new school is incredibly competitive which is a massive shock to the system (I've gone from being one of the top students to a little fish in a big pond ahaha). I was...
  18. malcome123

    B What are some easy ways to show quantum mechanics

    hi I'm in grade 9 and I have to make a 20 slide slideshow and a 6 page essay or a module I need ideas on what to do
  19. Z

    Courses I feel like we don't learn enough in our classes

    I'm not sure if this is the right section but.. During the semester it feels like we are learning a ton of stuff at a crazy pace, but then when the semester is over I always look back and am like "that's it? I've learned everything about X class that I will need to know for all of my future...
  20. S

    Schools Getting a BSEE

    Hey everyone, new to Physics Forums and happy I've found it. To start, my name is Shane, I currently work for Applied Materials. We engineer, maintain, and support tools in the semiconductor industry. I'm 21 years old, and currently on the Global team. Meaning, I travel 90% of the time...
  21. Josep

    Courses Should I retake Real Analysis I?

    Hi all, I am currently in my first semester of my sophomore year, taking Real Analysis I. This class covers formal proofs, properties of the real line, sequences, series, limits, continuity and differentiation, and Riemann Integration. I apparently got stuck with the worst professor at my...
  22. W

    Studying Should I expect myself to "know everything"?

    I'm not sure how to put this into words goes. After going through chapters and chapters of introductory mechanics, I think I can say that I at least some of the basics down. However, when I introduce myself to extremely novel problems, I get stunned at their complexity and have to...
  23. T

    Math Math-Heavy Computer Science

    Hello PF, I'm a high school student in a math and science program. I'm currently planning on doing a double major in math and computer science, and I have a couple questions. Firstly, are there areas of computer science that heavily use math and require originality? I understand that most likely...
  24. A

    Engineering Engineering Career Guidance needed

    Hi Everybody, I have often found myself reading through the discussions on these forums but never ended up taking part. I came here today because I desperately need career path/education advise. Many of the people who regularly post on these forums appear to be very knowledgeable so I cant...
  25. andrewkirk

    B Can you solve this geometry problem for nine year olds?

    I was in a primary school class room the other day and the teacher asked me for help with this geometry problem, that he had set for his class as an extension challenge, but then realised he couldn't do. The known angles are marked in degrees. We have to find the angle x. I spent five minutes...
  26. RaijuRainBird

    Redesigning Mathematics Curriculum, thoughts?

    I've had a pretty poor experience going through the standardized education system in California, and now that I'm in college, I'm really fed up with how mathematics is taught (even at the college level). With this said, I thought it would be fun for me to redesign the entire math education...
  27. H

    Schools Please can i get feedback on appeal letter

    To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to appeal my Academic dismissal from the University of Windsor, I was not surprised but very disappointed; I was disappointed in myself because I know that I could have achieved much better results. I would like to urge you to reinstate me for next year I...
  28. Ashley Deaton

    Schools High school student struggling with Honors Chemistry

    Hopefully this is the pot of gold I have been searching for on getting help. I am a Sophomore. Over the course of this entire school year I have really struggled through my Honors Chemistry course. I really don't know what it is, I will say the lectures bore me to death, but I power through them...
  29. E

    Schools What school is good for my undergrad?

    I live in Texas, and I'm going on my senior year of high school. I've come to a problem, I don't know what college/university I should continue my education at. I've already decided what I hope to do when I'm older- qft and quantum gravity, but I don't know what place is good to further ones...
  30. E

    B Center of gravity change and acceleration

    Hello Community My first post here so excuse me in case i posted in the wrong place. I basically have to write a paper in school about a physics topic. This includes creating graphs with independent and dependant variables and finding the slope. It should be something to complicated but also...