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Programs To Get Academic Qualifications In Physics Which Degree Would Be Better

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Hi All

As most of you probably know I am not formally qualified in physics - but math and computer science - my physics is self taught.

I thought I might rectify that and do an appropriate degree by distance learning - with my arthritis and now broken Femur going to actual classes would be a drag so I decided on distance education. There was nothing decent here in Australia - our Open Learning is more oriented to vocational areas like computer science so I had a look at the University of Open Learning in the UK. The following degree in Math/Physics looked suitable:

So I enrolled thinking I would get credit for my math degree. But drat's - it was completed in 1982 and they only accept credit for subjects done in the last 16 years. But they did say for students with strong math backgrounds I can double up on math courses - I still need to pass the exam but can take two at a time instead of the usual one because for me its mostly revision. I thought OK - I will go ahead on that basis and enrolled.

But I have been looking at the math degree:

I has a good range of actual physics subjects third year - I would take:
Deterministic and stochastic dynamics
Mathematical methods and fluid mechanics
The quantum world

Its actually the same as I would take in the Math/Physics degree. But with more math I could go through it faster. The con of course is I do not do the physics preparatory subject:
Physics: from classical to quantum

I am not sure I really need it with my self study, they have only math subjects as a real must have, but the university does recommend it.

I could say more but I think that's enough to start the discussion. So its over to whoever wants to reply.



There is something I don't get. If what you want is a formal recognition of competence in physics, why would completing a degree in mathematics give you that?

If you don't care about the title of the degree, why take a degree at all? Why not simply complete a few courses in physics?
Interesting idea. They have what is called a user designed degree. I could do that and just take what I need or am interested in..

I might talk to my adviser about that.



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Qualifications in Physics would merely be the few core courses and others of your choice from the field, which could then be shown on your transcripts and possibly verified by whoever oversaw your "work", and maybe any field focused examinations you can pass.
OK here is what I have worked out with them. I can finish all the math required to start the Physics in a year - horrid I have to do it again. The best they can do is accelerate me through the math despite the fact I got 100% on the quiz are you ready for the subject. I even got a past exam paper on QM and could do all the questions - except one - but overnight I cognated on it and it came to me - the answer must be real so all the imaginary terms went away and I got the correct answer - zero. Then get onto the really interesting subjects a year later, then onto a Masters which of course is what I am really interested in. I am retired with all the time in the world, but it still is annoying.

I decided on the math physics degree - can get into the physics faster. I am going through Boaz to be as prepared as possible.


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