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To postgrads-lecturers. Getting over 60% in tests in Final year advice needed.

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    I need an average this year of over 62%. I am in 4th year physiology and just lecture notes are not enough to achieve grades this high.

    What I am looking for are good tips that set a minority of students above the rest when marking exams.

    An example of a Question "Endothelial cells are a source of vasoactive agents discuss"

    Or "

    Many physiological processes involve the movement of proteins between the intracellular compartment and the plasma membrane. Using appropriate examples,discuss how the use of molecular and cellular physiology techniques have increased our understanding of these trafficking processes."

    All advice would be greatly appreciated and hopefully will continue to drive me in my goal to make it to research.
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    62% is high? You really should be aiming far higher than that if you want to even dream about a research career in the field!

    You are right, just lecture notes will not get you there. You need to UNDERSTAND the processes involved and connect the concepts presented until you know the entire system backward and forward and can apply that knowledge toward solving novel problems. A mistake students of physiology make is getting tunnel vision about a specific organ or cell type. Physiology requires understanding of the homeostatic mechanisms that keep the whole organism functioning properly. If you disrupt something in one cell, you should understand what that will do to the organ, to the system, to other systems, what feedback loops are triggered, what endocrine processes are involved, what neural processes are involved, what cardiovascular consequences will occur, etc.
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    I'm guessing the OP is from a country other than the US. Here in the UK, say, the requirement for acceptance onto research programmes is an upper second class degree, which roughly translates to an average grade of 60% throughout your degree. The mark required for a top degree here in the UK is 70%: students getting marks of around 100% consistently is unheard of over here, unlike the US.
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    Sorry I didnt make myself clear. I am in an Irish university the highest in the class would currently be high 60s. This will be what I hope to average in the final year over 62 basically entitles me to do further studies.

    I appreciate your advice moonbear but its pretty basic nothing I don't KNOW already.

    So can anyone give me useful tips including you moonbear.

    Or even examples of lets say original insight to the previous example Qs.
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