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Too scared to help a damsel in distress

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    Is a man who is too scared to help a damsel in distress a coward or a survivor - should we admire his self-preservation skills (from an evolutionary point of view),detest his weakness, or both?
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    One should help anyone in trouble, if possible.

    I admit, it's easy to only say it, since such an act requires a reasonable amount of courage.

    But then again, the thought of being a lady's hero...tempting. :approve:
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    or both.

    I just can't standby when I hear a woman screaming. I go on autopilot and respond without concern for myself.

    And I run to the sound of gunshots. :rolleyes:
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    Why is detestation and admiration the only options given us? :confused:
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    And why can't I just sit there and listen to her screams? Or take part in the reason she is distressed?
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    Of course you can. But that would make you a psycho.
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    Should we admire my courage, or vigor?
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    Well, if the man is already "scared", then it may depend on the situation--such as (1) damsel surrounded by pack of wild dogs, (2) damsel on edge of cliff and man scared of heights, etc. So, it seems one can understand why "scared man" not help damsel.

    Now, perhaps more interesting question--what do we think of man not scared that does not help damsel ? Seems to me man places less value on life of damsel than on life of man. Now, suppose man does help damsel, does this mean man places more value on damsel than on man ? I claim no, I claim man always helps damsel because it makes man feel good to do so.
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    Self preservation is rarely what we judge the moral worth of action on.
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    Generalization and abstraction is the road to folly.

    It has to be judged on hte specific circumstances.
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    From the given knowledge of the problem at hand, I must say he is a coward. I only say because the other choice, self preservation, and its reasoning are self defeating. In the light of evolution, self preservation is trumpet by self procreation. Because all men die, procreation is the only way to truly preserve some sort of self. So unless saving the damsel == death, which is not the apparent case, he is a coward. But then again when saving a damsel = death is a calculated opinion. So can morals be based on opinion?
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    support this please
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    This is the way I see it, I know it's over-logical for a decision you probably make in a split second, but I've thought about this often and have a system all figured out ( :rofl: ):

    I think it's important to have these things figured out just in case...

    If helping the person is, while dangerous or unpleasant, not life-threatning to me:
    - always help, even if complete stranger or animal

    If there's a chance that helping the person might be life threatening to me:
    - help if it's a child
    - help if it's a close friend
    - help if it's a best friend or lover
    - help if it's family
    - (I'd probably help an animal, even though it makes no sense, I know)

    If helping the person is very life threatening (like if someone has them at gunpoint):
    - help if it's family
    - help it's a best friend or lover
    - help if it's a child

    If person is me:

    I wouldn't risk my life for a complete stranger, for all I know they are a serial rapist... I also don't think it makes a difference if it's a man or a woman, people are people.
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    remind me not to leave a child with you, at least not while gunpoints are around...
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    it depends on the situation, i've seen girls scream for help just to have their boyfriends get into fights :/

    and knew one guy who'd jump into all fights thinking he was being a hero :uhh: let the cops handle it, thats what they get paid for, thats what what they LOVE :rofl:
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    There's a quandry when the interviening hero is some degree of a black belt in Karate. He or she is a lethal weapon and will kill when forced into a life/death situation with no way out.

    Should someone like this use their skill to defend the honour or save the purse of a screaming lady/gent who hasn't had the sense to learn self defence?
  18. Apr 25, 2007 #17

    this isn't the movies, most people know better and run. now that it is a lady and her honor is of course of the utmost importance i'll tell you how to handle the situation, talk off your immaculate white riding gloves and strike the cowardly miscreant while saying "dear rouge sir, i challenge you to a dual with musket or lance tomorrow at the rise of dawn, do be most promt" :rofl:

    honestly any real 'lady' doesn't get in that situation, at the worst i've seen a lady stand up and say 'i'm not doing this here'. the point being both parties don't let it get that far.
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    I don't know. There's more and more incidents where these middle aged women are being beaten into the ground and into the hospital for the money they have on them. Sometimes 18 bucks, sometimes less. In one case there's a whole detachment of detectives hunting down the "miscreants" who perpetrated a henous crime like this.

    The perps are as cowardly as the people who motivate and outfit a suicide bomber. Society is breeding some insane effing weirdos.

    It is also true that there are by-standers standing by and either doing nothing or simply continuing thier own business. More ill bred members of an effed society. While education and better fail-safes for "throw away children" may help to stem this kind behavior....... what do you think about supporting the NRA in the mean time?

    I would be tickled pink to see the headline:

    "Granny Downs Home Invaders With Her Uzzie"

    Of course the story wouldn't mention the "collateral damage" of the neighbor's dog, children and goldfish.
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    you need to go through firearms training and get a permit signed by the assistant attorney general in most states to carry a concealed weapon. as far as i'm concerned if your willing to go through the process you have every right to carry a weapon to protect yourself.
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    "Is a man who is too scared to help a damsel in distress a coward or a survivor?"

    Certainly he is a survivor.
    No involvement = Survive to see another day.

    If a man who can't swim is watching a damsel drowning, his fear is well-founded.
    The best he can do is drown himself too.

    Everyone has fear. That does't make everyone a coward.
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