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Medical Top five pandemics we human beings are facing today

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    What are top five pandemics that can't be cured today?
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    I don't think there is any current pandemic. Even the rampant AIDS infection rate in Africa is still considered an epidemic rather than a pandemic.

    Did you really mean "pandemic" or did you just want to know something more like the 5 most deadly incurable infectious or communicable diseases?
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    Yeah, 5 most deadly incurable infectious diseases.
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    They would all be viruses, since we can cure most bacterial infections if detected and treated early enough. They would also have to all be viruses without a good vaccine, since even an "incurable" virus can't harm you if you are immunized to it.

    I would probably say: AIDS, influenza, hepatitis B for the top three. I don't know past that.

    A virus like ebola has no known cure and something like a 90% mortality rate, but it is not that deadly in an epidemiological sense because it kills it's host so quickly. The most deadly viruses are ones like AIDS and influenza which leave the host alive for a long time so they can infect many more people.
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    Ebola is one evil SOB. Jin, I must ask, after seeing your last two posts, are you a mad scientist? Just giving you a hard time.
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