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Top politically correct phrases of 2005

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    Misguided criminals....
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    Do you want "top politically" incorrect sentance from Europe ? (I risk to be banned from here if I ever write this out)
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    As a mute, illiterate comatose I find "thought shower" and "word shower" offensive.
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    No, I meant for example :

    Religiously incorrect : "Allah is big/great"(I don't know in English)...But in french we often say when something is dumb/not working : "à la mord moi le cul"...->Allah bites my a..

    Politically incorrect terrorising : "1984 lost two Rooks but kept the Bishop"

    Do you think they will survey my internet accounts from now on ?
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    these PC lists annoy me because they are just put in to enflame the righties who hate tolerance already.... this list especially is because half that stuff is garbage that the writer of the article made up.
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    it's funny you have/had the same posting numbers as me....
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