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Trace formula in noncommutative geometry and the Riemann hypothesis

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    Does anyone know where to find this paper?

    Formule de trace en géométrie non-commutative et hypothèse de Riemann = Trace formula in noncommutative geometry and the Riemann hypothesis


    The purchase link is broken there.. it gets stuck in an infinite page redirect loop. I found the journal homepage at http://www.elsevier.com/wps/find/journaldescription.cws_home/600301/description#description and the link to the table of contents points to http://www.elseviermathematics.com/ but this page is completely blank! What gives?

    I think the paper seems interesting because he contructs a Frobenius-Perron operator from a classical map whose eigenvalues are the riemann zeros.
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    perhaps policy forums do not let you post here a copyrighted material ( this paper is supposed to be payed) , anyway i do not understand why author of paper 'ignores' the contribution from the sum over primes in the paper or how could he construct a Hamiltonian from this Trace
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    Then I guess I'll do a translation and post that at some point
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