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Training to become an archaeologist

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    I watch Time Team on tv when ever i can, and by watching Phil Harding i think i have the mannerisms down to a tee, i can even Knapp a passable flint axe, and i have a battered tool box i can put a trowel and brush in, what else do i need?
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    A set of soft paint brushes, and a small dental pick. String and rods to mark off a grid. Paper, pencils and a ruler, as well of a understanding how to make the grid on paper. A screened sifting box is a handy thing to have. GSP is good to have too
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    I forgot the tooth picks, but Phil has the techs survey the land for him with the gps etc,
    i am just worried my legs let me down wearing shorts, i can do the hair.
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    You'll also need a Fedora and bullwhip.
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