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A Transforming a PDE with Laplace method

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    Hello, I have the following PDE equation:

    a*b/U(u)*V(v) = 0

    where a and b are arbitrary constants, and U an V are two unknown functions. To me it appears this has no solution, however I would like to ask if anyone has some suggestions, such as transforming it to another type using Fourier or Laplace transform.

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    How is that a PDE?

    The obvious solution would be that ##b = 0## or ##a = 0##.

    It sounds like this is part of a larger problem. You might want to post the problem in the homework section, stating the entire problem formulation and showing your own work to arrive to that equation.
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    It is part of the given PDE:

    $$ r^2 \frac{1}{R}\frac{\partial^2 R}{\partial r^2} - (r+2i r^2) \frac{1}{R}\frac{\partial R}{\partial r} - \frac{r^2}{RY} = \frac{1}{Y} \frac{\partial^2 Y}{\partial \theta^2}+2ir \frac{1}{Y}\frac{\partial Y}{\partial \theta}$$

    and I am not really sure how to consider it.
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