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Tribute to mark zuckerberg, steve jobs or overrated?

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    You haven't provided enough information to stimulate a discussion. You should remedy this so your thread doesn't locked or deleted.
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    Can you say Los Angeles and Canada in the same sentence?
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    The question in the thread title and link in the OP are perfectly sufficient to pinpoint the topic of discussion, and to generate a good discussion.

    Yes, I think the tributes are a bit overrated, more along the lines idol worship than a simple tribute to people who've managed to find, if not create, a really profitable niche.
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    iirc, he stole the idea from the guy that did the harvard crimson and just ran with it. yes, overrated, so just like jobs, imo.
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    Sure, one can always assume and often hit the mark. However, the rules state:
    This way, no assumptions are made and threads have a clearly defined direction. It also probably helps when determining what posts are considered off-topic.
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