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  1. D

    Engineering Effects of dropping out of my PhD studies

    I'm a recently graduated MS in EE, I'm considering continuing onto a PhD. I'm wondering, what impact would starting a PhD and dropping out have on my career? Basically I'm considering giving it an honest shot for ~1 year and if I hate the experience leave. One year isn't a huge personal...
  2. M

    Engineering How age and experience matter when getting a job?

    I'm 31 years old & going to enter into 2nd year of BEng mech. Degree which has 3 years.I already have diploma in marine engineering & have sailed on ocen going ships for 1 year as junior engineer.Is the first is better? (1.Is 1 year experience on ships can relate to mechanical experience...
  3. J

    Physics Out in the Real World, nobody seems to care

    I recently graduated with a physics Ph.D., and I am in the process of applying for an academic job. My advisors told me that it would be easy for me to get that job, but the job application process is quite bureaucratic, and it will take several months for it to complete. I am trying to get a...
  4. CivilSigma

    Engineering Phone interviewer not calling?

    I can't believe that I am making this post... I am applying for intern positions for the summer as a structural engineer and I got lucky and matched with a big name employer (20 000+ employees across North America) for a position in Canada. They have asked me for a phone interview. This person...
  5. S

    Engineering Btech in Mechatronics and BS Physics jobs?

    What jobs can I take if I both have a BTech in Mechatronics and a BS in Physics?
  6. S

    Physics What Can You Do With An Applied Physics Dregree

    I am applying to universities soon and the one subject that I would like to have in any area of study is physics, if I were to study pure physics than I would specialize in applied physics. I know that there aren't many jobs in specifically research areas which would be a dream job, so what...
  7. M

    Engineering What can I do with a degree in physics/engineering/nuclear

    I am almost done with a BS in physics with focus in nuclear engineering and engineering. My classes have been all the normal BS physics classes as well as nuclear physics with kranes book, two classes with Lamarsh's books on nuclear engineering as well as the blue bible (deuterstadt and...
  8. RickHeek

    Physics PhD in Biomedical Science and no job

    I would greatly appreciate advice! I have a PhD in Biomedical Science, and it has always been my dream to be a college instructor of some sort. In a year, I have not been able to find any full-time academic job even in unprestigious, non-research institutions. I am willing to do any additional...
  9. U

    Job Skills Which job can I do with a bachelor only?

    I have a bachelor in physics from the EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) but can't to continue for a master for certain reasons. How would you suggest to find a job with this bachelor only? I am interested in getting a job anywhere in a French, English or German speaking country.
  10. VoloD

    Engineering Resume advice for Engineering/Physics Job Search

    Hello Everyone I have recently been working at a construction department for my state ( I live in the USA). I have learned so many things from this job, but I am looking for something more related to electronics, programming, or technical consulting. One of my points mentions creating...
  11. A

    Engineering Engineering jobs for a naturalized US citizen

    I want to obtain a mechanical engineering degree and work in a respective field in USA. But I will be looking for ME jobs as a naturalized US citizen (I am from Europe, but will soon become US citizen). I heard that it would be harder for me to find a job as any kind of engineer because I...
  12. SpaceIsCool

    What jobs are available to an Astrophysics Student?

    Hello, I am a 19 year old female who just graduated from a community college with an Associate in Science degree. I chose to major in physics and am planning on continuing my degree this Fall at a University. My issue is that I want to go into the Astrophysics field, but I am greatly worried...
  13. T

    Engineering Jobs combining programming with hardware?

    Hi, I'm a high school student in a STEM program, and as of now my primary interests have been in Computer Science, Math, and Robotics. Currently, as I research colleges, my intent is to double major in either Math and Computer Science, or in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. However...
  14. T

    Physics Should only people from elite universities bother with TT (tenure track)?

    I hope my question doesn't sound bitter, it's not meant to be, I'm just a grad student wanting to get some opinions on how things are. I'm especially interested in hearing from people outside academia as well, since I assume people *within* academia might have an unrealistic view of what the...
  15. aOe

    Engineering What Kind of jobs are Engineering Physicists currently in?

    Hello All, I'ma recently graduated physicist engineer (or physical engineer, I'm not sure how to say it in English) from Colombia, right now I'm looking for a job in order to save some money for my master degree and I would like to know the experiences of more experimented physicist engineers...
  16. Whitefire_Nomura

    Engineering Good for the Resume?

    Hello everyone, As I've said in my introduction I'm planning on going back to school but I want to do this right for once. I am shooting for a BA in mechanical engineering (Most likely part time cause of this strange thing I need to do also called paying bills) But I don't want to do just any...
  17. J

    Physics Is a physics degree good for a stable job?

    I am really interested in physics, and have a knack for it (am currently in my second year of physics at college, so I think I can honestly match myself up with other physics majors), but am not a savant or anything. I would love to push through and finish the degree, but the degree doesn't seem...
  18. K

    Physics Final year as an undergrad and starting to worry about jobs

    I am in my last year as an undergrad and will be graduating in the spring with a BS in Physics. I personally have terrible grades this including overall GPA and major specific GPA (currently around a 2.2 for both). At this point, bringing my GPA up is nearly impossible without some post...
  19. I

    Jobs with BS in Physics

    I am a current junior physics major, I have done an REU and work closely with a couple professors who think highly of me. My GPA and classes are pretty average. I am debating on either sticking with Physics and graduating with a BS or switching to engineering. What would be best for job outlook...
  20. S

    The End of Work? Jeremy Rifkin's book is still being discussed 20 years after it was it was first published. The book has had its critics but there's no denying the nature of employment is changing and new marketable skills will be required of the future work force. I...
  21. vinicius0197

    Engineering Which mechanical engineering jobs are the most stable?

    From what I understand, there are some industries in Mechanical Engineering that are typically boom/bust (like oil and gas and aerospace). I wonder which ones are the most stable? I think HVAC is a possibility, but I don't know if it's the kind of thing that I would like to work on for my entire...
  22. VoloD

    Job Skills Revised: Importance of Degree and University for Jobs

    In my experience, it seems that going to a better (ie more rigorous) school is not worth it in the long run. I went to a state public university (I live in the US) than is well known for its science and engineering programs. I earned my BS in Physics, but I was no longer interested in...
  23. navierstokes

    Engineering Mechanical Engineers: What's your job?

    I would like to hear the Mechanical Engineers on the forum, and discover some careers hat a MechE could follow. I would like to know what is your job like (on what field do you work: fluids, structures, thermo, controls..., which kind of company, is your job more technical or management, if it's...
  24. F

    Physics Med Physics: Moving from Australia to Canada

    Greetings fellow geniuses. As you may be aware from the title this thread is in regards to a career in Med. Physics. So I have lived in Canada for a decade and then moved down under. Now I have intentions of moving back to the cold weather :P. Anyhow I have an interest in a career in Med...
  25. VoloD

    Engineering Job Hunting Concerns of a Physics to Engineering Graduate

    Hey Everybody, A while back I made a thread about being a BS Physics graduate trying to go back to school. After changing universities, I finally graduated this May with my MS in Engineering (Electrical). While searching for jobs, I noticed there is a dilemma regarding specific jobs. I don't...
  26. K

    Bioinformatics MS program at Northeastern [Boston]

    Hello everyone, m a medico.. i was wondering how's the bioinformatics MS program at Northeastern[Boston].. Does their co-op program guarantee a job? how are the salaries initially? would be a great help if someone shares any info.
  27. N

    Engineering Is electrical engineering a dying field?

    Before I start this I just want to say that I don't want to offend anyone. I am a freshman college student who is looking to apply to the electrical engineering program at the end of the year at my school. I love working with my hands and solving problems using physics and mathematics and I...
  28. G

    What are Government research jobs like in physics?

    I am going to be a college freshmen majoring in physics and am trying to learn about all of the different options I have in the future. I can't seem to find any good information about what government research jobs in physics are like. What does a day look like as a government researcher? Are...
  29. B

    What career choice after poor grades?

    So... I cannot choose a career path. So lets start with the basics i am ok at math and science poor at english. In GCSE i recieved B in science, C in maths and C in english. I was disappointed as this meant that i could not do A-Level Chem and Bio on college. So now i am doing applied science...
  30. B

    Engineering What engineering course is the best?

    Electrical engineering, Communciations engineering, Civil engineering, Or Mechanical engineering. My question is how hard are these courses, what do they do in these courses and what jobs can they lead to. I dont really care about salary, i want a job where it is interesting, i have an interest...