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Homework Help: :trigonometric identity question

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    URGENT:trigonometric identity question

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    *the 2 stands for squared since I dont know how to make the squared symbol appear on a compter

    2. Relevant equations
    stuff from this website and more

    3. The attempt at a solution



    any help is appreciated as I have been at this for over an hour and cant figure it out and it needs to be done soon
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    Re: URGENT:trigonometric identity question

    take note of this identities:
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    Re: URGENT:trigonometric identity question

    Or you can work from "base principles" replacing sin x with opposite over hypotenuse, cos x with adjacent over hypotenuse et cetera :rolleyes:
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    Re: URGENT:trigonometric identity question

    A better idea would be to replace tan2(x) with (sin2(x))/(cos2(x)) and sec2(x) with 1/(cos2(x)). That way all your quantities would be in terms of powers of sinx and cosx.
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