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Troubles With Transparency In A Modern Society

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    Somethings are meant to be hidden from view. You wouldn't build a glass walled slaughter house, would you? In any relationship, there should only be so much that is known. The rest is left to trust and the desire not to know.

    (this came out as a poem last night. It seemed very profound at the time. I'm not so sure now)
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    I have to agree with you. Your point about a slaughter house is a fine example. Though I also will hit the slaughter when stating the following, by a savvy political enthusiast, but the US government seems to want to push transparency and this, if they succeed, will leave us open to so many who are not transparent.
    Personal relationships also need the benefit of cover.
    I too think this is all going too far, but it didn't just start.
    Excessive permissiveness began a long time ago and has simply gotten out of hand.
    The poem being so attractive to you at first perhaps had to do with a heartfelt ideal that the current state of things just does not allow for.
    Thanks for bringing this up.
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    Lacy33; Thank you very much for your kind words. You understood what I meant perfectly. It does say a lot, doesn't it.
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    Hiding things isn't meant to be I don't think.

    We have to hide things because people are distrustful, bigoted, and ignorant. If these weren't problems then there would be no need to hide anything.
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    It's the nature of being human and the imperfectness of the complex society we have evolved which is 'the problem'. It's not the shortfalls of individuals. It's just the way it is. Too much knowledge may not be a good thing. Do the masses have to know the intricate workings of the world? It would be better if they could simply trust their elected leaders, would it not?
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    The slaughterhouse example is none of those things...

    ...It's just disgusting.

    And perhaps you could call it a trust thing, but giving someone the answer to a problem before they do it can't not alter the way they approach the problem, no matter how honest they are.
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