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True Story Can you do my homework

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    True Story "Can you do my homework"

    Many years ago when I was studying at University I shared lodgings with several other students. The landlords teenage son was always pestering us to help with his physics homework. One day he had a problem that required a long descriptive answer. To get rid of him quickly a fellow student offered to write the answer directly into his book using a pencil. That way the lad could go over it in ink and rub out the pencil so it would be in his own hand writing. A few days later the lad came home from school looking rather grim. It transpired that he had been in trouble with his teacher and have even been sent to the headmasters office. Keen to find out what had happened we asked to see his homework and there in the middle of the passage, in his own hand writing obviously, were the words "Teacher has cheesy feet" circled in red ink. Yup he had gone over it in ink and rubbed out the pencil marks without reading a word.
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    Re: True Story "Can you do my homework"

    We had one guy who would always turn in a perfect paper. He would sell copies to 8 or 10 students, but in each copy there was a single unique mistake. Then all the guys would get together and work thru the problems to find all the mistakes before they turned it in. The effort was about the same as if they had simply done the work themselves, but this daily exercise did turn into a good learning experience for them. The kid had come from a very poor family and this was his major source of income to stay in school, so I guess it all worked out well for everyone.

    Edit: I just paid him to tutor me when I needed it, but had no money to pay him. So he was happy to accept food for payment. I always had plenty of that.
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    Re: True Story "Can you do my homework"

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