What is Homework: Definition and 999 Discussions

Homework, or a homework assignment, is a set of tasks assigned to students by their teachers to be completed outside the classroom. Common homework assignments may include required reading, a writing or typing project, mathematical exercises to be completed, information to be reviewed before a test, or other skills to be practiced.
The effects of homework are debated. Generally speaking, homework does not improve academic performance among young children, because children need more sleep to develop and grow. Homework may improve academic skills among older students, especially lower-achieving students. However, homework also creates stress for students and parents, and reduces the amount of time that students can spend in other activities.

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  1. B

    Physics about electric circuits: Changing the resistors changes the currents

    Please help me with this homework! I haven't had any solutions since it is all unclear.
  2. Owen Ploe


    I was looking for videos, or post on how to do a physics home work problem. Ended up finding a similar post on this website. It didn't quite answer my question, but I thought I could post here to figure it out.
  3. kvidtr

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi everyone! I stumbled across this forum looking for help on my first year physics homework about ~5 months ago and have been lurking ever since. I really appreciate the nature of these forums in that the answer to a problem is rarely (if ever) explicitly given, but instead people try to poke...
  4. Penny57

    Show that energy E always exists such that junction conditions have a solution

    I know this wavefunction should behave as a symmetric cosine function (possibly as Cos( (k∗x)/(hbar) ?). I also know for a bound state, the wavefunction must decay exponentially outside the well. Additionally, r = (-β+ik)/(β−ik) . However, aside from that, I do not know how to get this question...
  5. chwala

    Find the time taken by the truck to move ##1## metre.

    Unless i am missing something; there is an error with the textbook It ought to be , ## t= \sqrt {\dfrac{1}{0.04}}= \sqrt 25 = 5## seconds.
  6. Penny57

    Multiplication of Operators in Quantum Mechanics

    For the first part of the problem, I managed to form this matrix; <1|O|1> <1|O|2> <2|O|1> <2|O|2> = 1 0 0 0 However, that was because I was following this image; I'm not entirely sure how this was obtained, and I'm not really sure what to do to continue forward with part e. I...
  7. paulb203

    Work out an estimate for the total number of ponies in the forest

    My question; Which branch of maths is this? Also, can you give me a clue as to where to start regards solving this. Just a hint please, not a full explanation. I'm struggling to even guess at this one. I did think, '60 ponies, 5 of which are tagged, so, 5/60 tagged, which is 1/12 1/12 of the 60...
  8. C

    Force on a charge from a nearby charged rod

    Hi! My attempt at this solution was: ∫dF = k*q*Q / 2L ∫ (1/r^2) dy and we know that r^2 = D^2 + y^2 based on the diagram. Here is where I start getting confused. I looked at a different physics forum post and the mentor gave this equation: I am mainly confused with the math. How did he end...
  9. GLD223

    Find the transit time of the train

    I need to find the transit time of the train, from what I see online it should be independent of points A and B and should be roughly 42 minutes. I started by looking at the energies and derived an ODE for the speed of the train to find the transit time but it seems to be wrong. Also, I might...
  10. Nana113

    I Normalization of wave functions

    If wave functions are individually normalized does it mean that they are also normalized if phi 1 and phi 2 are integrated over infinity?
  11. milkism

    Finding <x> using raising and lowering operators and orthonormality

    I have this 1D LHO problem. https://gyazo.com/4cd913d9da3a743443ef7dc2d1c2ab1e For ##\psi_n (x)## I get $$\left( \frac{\alpha}{\sqrt{\pi} 2^n n!} \right) ^{\frac{1}{2}} e^{\frac{- \alpha^2 x^2}{2}} H_n(x)$$ with ##E_n = (n+ \frac{1}{2}) \hat{h} \omega##. where ##\hat{h}## is hbar. For...
  12. srnixo

    How to Solve Dynamics Exercise Involving Force Representation?

    This is the exercise: Please help me ( question 4 and 5). Here is my effort: First, I represented the forces on both objects. Then, i found F⁰ = 5N (question 1) After that, (question 2) + (question 3) I hope it's even correct.
  13. Ihsan

    Continuum Physics: Balance of Linear Momentum or Cauchy first equation of motion

    Hi, unfortunately, I am not getting anywhere with the following task and I try solve it
  14. o79

    Sinusoidal Radiation Statements (T/F)

    Which of the following are true for sinusoidal radiation? 1) The electric field and the magnetic field have the same magnitude at the same point in space. 2) The electric field is perpendicular to the magnetic field. 3) The source of the radiation is oscillating charges. 4) The radiation pattern...
  15. Memo

    Help understanding this integral solution using trig substitution please

    Here's the answer: Could you explain the highlighted part for me? Thank you very much!
  16. Memo

    Integral involving powers of trig functions

    Could you check if my answer is correct? Thank you very much! Is therea simpler way to solve the math?
  17. Memo

    Taking the Limit of this fraction involving trig functions

    Can't attempt to solve the task. I'd appreciate it a lot if you could help!
  18. S

    Converting Energy to Mass: Understanding the Relationship Between MeV and kg

    (1672 MeV/c^2) * c^2 = 1.505 * 10^20 MeV = 1.505 * 10^26 eV = 2.41 * 10^7 J Since E = mc^2, m = E/c^2 Therefore, m = 2.41 * 10^7 / (3 * 10^8)^2 = 2.68 * 10^-10 kg But the answer is 2.97 * 10^-27 kg Help! What is wrong with my logic?
  19. K

    How much work is done to hold a book at a constant height?

    Please can anyone help me with problem? I don't know if the work is 0 J
  20. S

    Rotational problem of arm - wrestling

    For number 6 I answer (a) and for number 7 I answer (d) but I can say I just take a guess. In question 6, I tried to think about Newton 3rd law. The force exerted by each arm on the other is equal so assuming the distance from the point where the force acts to the pivot is also the same, the...
  21. V

    Solve Simultaneous Equations: Loop/Junction Eqns

    +1.56 - 43i1 - 75i2 = 0 +1.6 - 100i3 - 75i2 = 0 +i1 - i2 + i3 = 0——-> i1 + i3 = i2
  22. C

    How can I use my scientific knowledge to help my children with their homework?

    Hi Everyone, newbie to your great forum. Trying to dust off my old school books to help my growing kids with their homework.....happy to met you all!
  23. Lay1

    If 1=5, 2=25, 3=125,4=1880, 5=?

    I do not know how to do that.
  24. J

    Engineering Question on Opamp homework problem: Find Iout between these two Opamps

    Hi, so my objective is to find Io, and I've attached a picture of my work. Here is my question: At the point Vo1, if I use the equation for finding the output voltage for a non-inverting op amp I end up getting this: $$V_{0{1}}=\left( 1+\frac {r_{f}} {r_{1}} \right)V_{s1} = \left( 1+\frac...
  25. C

    Galactic Dynamic Homework (Problem 2.1 of B&T)

    TL;DR Summary: Why the topic give the condition "limρr^5/2=0“?What is the usefulness of this condition? Thanks!
  26. themethetion

    B Calculating the perfect tennis shot using vectors

    Context: I must develop a vector that models the path of a tennis ball using vectors without physics formulas I have developed a function that represents the perfect shot in tennis in terms of x & y where x is the court's length and y is the height. And then x & z where x is the court's length...
  27. N

    Engineering An issue with these two curved beam homework problems

    Hi, good evening/morning/night! I have a problem with this 2 homework problems about curved beams. In both I must calculate the stress at points A and B. My procedure is correct, but for some reason in: First problem - the effort in A is very close to that of the teacher, but the effort in B...
  28. H

    Engineering Struggling with a Structural Analysis Problem?

    Diagram of the problem below. I have 45 minutes to finish all parts of this question without reference material. The Mechanics of Materials section of these tests are largely Structural Analysis, which I was not taught to this level in my undergrad degree so I am teaching myself via Youtube...
  29. J

    Prove: Limit Point of H ∪ K if p is Limit Point of H or K

    Summary: Definition: If M is a set and p is a point, then p is a limit point of M if every open interval containing p contains a point of M different from p. Prove: that if H and K are sets and p is a limit point of H ∪ K,then p is a limit point of H or p is a limit point of K In this proof I...
  30. R

    Is the Classical Pendulum Formula Still Accurate for Large Theta Values?

    Summary: Hi, I'm trying to solve this problem, if it's not right then please help me with a hint without solving it. This formula is just an approximation for small values of theta, but if Vo was greater than the denominator this will lead to large values of theta and then this solution is not...
  31. junyoung

    I Open interval or Closed interval in defining convex function

    The Korean textbook standard defines the convexity of the function as an open section. Many textbooks and university calculus textbooks define the convexity of the curve as an open section. However, some textbooks define convexity as closed sections. Do you think it is right to define the...
  32. lola1227

    Momentum Collision Homework Problem -- help please

    Parallel: M1V1+M2v2=M1V1’+M2V2’ (0.5)(3)+0=(0.5)(cos60)(3)+V2’Cos(x)(0.5) V2’cos(x)= Perpendicular: M1V1+M2v2=M1V1’+M2V2’ 0=(0.5)(0.3)(sin60)+V2’sin(x)(0.5) V2’sin(x)= And the divide 2 by 1 Which is tan(x)=2/1 And then plug then back into solve, but I don’t think we do it like this because...
  33. Purpleshinyrock

    Engineering Circuit analysis on a supernode

    Hello. Can someone give m e pointers on how to find the value of vx given that it is inside a supernode(will it be the valueof the voltage inside or the difference of potential between the two nodes?): here's the exercise and what I've done so far attached. Your time and attention are deeply...
  34. P

    Physics homework help needed -- A mass sliding down a ramp with friction

    When mass M is at the position shown, it is sliding down the inclined part of a slide at a speed of 2.19 m/s. The mass stops a distance S2 = 2.1 m along the level part of the slide. The distance S1 = 1.18 m and the angle θ = 28.10°. Calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction for the mass on...
  35. bluesteels

    Exam Prep: Electric Field - Is It Zero?

    I'm having an exam soon so i want to make sure. Is the electric field here zero?? cause if i draw gauss surface covering both of them they should cancel out or am i wrong.
  36. A

    Engineering Homework about plane engineering drawing

    Hello, i wasn't in enginnering drawing class since 2 weeks because i was sick and my high school teacher told me to do this homework. This is what I've done so far I did not build the triangle 'cause i am not sure. Please, i just want that someone accompanies me with steps by steps explanation...
  37. Robin288

    Electrostatics homework problem help

    Summary:: I been stuck on this problem from past 4 months. I am completely done. I am getting no idea. Even my professor couldn't have helped me. Can anyone please help me? 😔
  38. A

    Recommendations for Tablets/Programs for doing Physics Homework?

    Greetings! I'm a 4th year physics undergrad looking for a program/tablet that I can write/type equations into and type (or dictate!) sentences into for clarification. I have Word but the equation editor is clunky. I also tutor so being able to screenshare a large area in Zoom and easily...
  39. E

    B Waste-to-energy question (not homework)

    Burning waste in a waste-to-energy plat, can more energy be produced by burning the trash then the amount of energy needed to heat the trash to the point it vaporises? (to turn it to ash) eg we have 100 J of energy inside some rubbish, and this energy would all be released when we incinerate the...
  40. Franklie001

    AC circuit analysis involving resistors and inductors

    Summary:: Hi anyone can explain me how to solve this circuit, finding the current I2 and I1? Really don't know where to start Thanks