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Turbulence pressure in convection zone

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    Is there a formula for turbulence pressure that is a function of temperature ( in the convection zone of a star )?
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    I didn't look at the whole thing yet, but it should be on:
    http://chjaa.bao.ac.cn/2004/2004_4_5p490.pdf (Pages 2 & 3) or at:

    http://www.journals.uchicago.edu/ApJ/journal/issues/ApJS/v108n2/33389/33389.web.pdf [Broken] (Page 6).
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    The complexity of that is far too daunting. I want to avoid time-dependence and certainly magnetism. Frankly, I'll tell you what I'm working on and that is a composite polytrope; n=3 inside and n=1.5 for a convective envelope. Now I would like to be able to point to some term in an equation and say this part is due to convection. My articulation is vague at this point and I would welcome any ideas.
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