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Turn in assignment, then realize mistake ugh

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    I have 100 on every assignment/test in my DE course. Today, I took one quiz out of many (of which 2 are dropped) on using Laplace transforms to solve equations. I have done dozens of these problems, with great success.

    Today, the quiz was 2 problems, both of which relied heavily on the fact that the Laplace transform of y is Y (clearly). For some reason, I saw the y and thought it was the dependent variable and put town the laplace transform for t....

    I turned my quiz in, she looked at it, and then gave me this look like "really?", and then it hit me the second I walked out the door. How embarrassing.

    I mean, partial credit is given provided you sort of know what's up, and just make algebra errors or something, but this, well, if I looked over someones quiz with this mistake I would think they don't know what's going on with the transform, the major theory of this chapter.

    This is by far the worst mistake I have ever made on an assignment, and I absolutely KNOW the correct way to do it, I have no idea what I was thinking and I'm worried the professor will think I didn't understand the concepts or do the homework! Sorry for the rant, it's frustrating!

    This happened to any of you?
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    I have a knack for overly complicating (or simplifying) some situations... especially circuit diagrams where there is some absolute modifier (like one loop with a resistance and one loop with zero, which is actually going to get the current?!). When several questions are asked I tend to 'discount' parts of the diagram that are not directly relevent, not wanting to give an easy answer of '0'.
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    harsh, but the only important thing is that you know you understand the material right? :D
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    Hey QuarkCharmer.

    Yes it has for both good and bad reasons: good because I didn't do enough repetitive exercises to drill down the computational aspects for some classes and bad when for whatever reason I just either couldn't recall or because like you I for whatever reason left my brain at the front door when I should have brought it in with my body at the time of the exam.

    It could be worse.
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    Yes it's happened to me, too.

    The good thing is, you will never *ever* make that mistake again.
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    Yup, there are some things you have to do once, just so you learn never to do them again.

    Like forgetting that rotating machinery viewed with a strobe light is still actually rotating...
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    Or not reading your exam timetable carefully enough...
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