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News U.S.A. must sell Alaska to Korea and Japan

  1. Oct 26, 2008 #1
    International financial crisis due to a simple fact
    the debtor can not pay their debt.
    so someone must lose money.
    only big money holder can lose such a big money.
    who is a bing money holder?
    Asian central bank.
    but Asian centural bank has no reason to lose their money.
    the Debtor must give something to money holder.
    U.S.A. must sell some part of Alaska to Korea and Japan.
    Alaska was not originaly land of U.S.A.
    by that money, U.S.A. must cancel their national deficit.
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    Ok. It's a trillion dollars an acre.
    They can have that little island next to Russia, just down the street from Sarah Palin's house.
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    If central bank of U.S.A. go to bank run.
    result will not be that of zimbabwe.

    Money of U.S.A. do not exchangable with gold or other thing, and used as international exchange.for a long history. there is only one nation which is similar with U.S.A.
    That is Mongol empire. Money of Mongol empire did not exchangabe with gold or silver, Mongol empire abuse money making ability and that introduce civil war.

    If U.S.A. challenge to cancel their debt by inflation.
    The result will be similar with collapse of Mongol empire.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    The world economy cannot survive if the US economy fails. In fact what we have seen is that foreign investors have moved towards US dollars as a safe haven - the strength of the US dollar has been improving in recent weeks.

    Like it or not, we are all in this together. Welcome to globalization.

    However, I can't help but suspect that soon we will see countries moving to insulate their economies from the global economy, which could have serious implications for globalization.
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    FYI. Try googling "gold standard". I've just learned in the last 60 seconds that:

    And like Ivan said, we are now a global economy.

    I think we should solve this problem together, peaceably.

    That brings up an interesting question though, have any countries gone to war over a bad debt? I know that countries have waged war because they were impoverished and wanted someone elses "stuff", but bad debt?
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    I have to agree with Ivan Seeking and OmCheeto. There's no more "you" or "us" when it comes to the economies of the world. We're all dependent on each other in a very vast and complex system of trading.
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    Yes, and when brokers start heading offshore with hoards of cash because they are under investigation for fraud, we'll need the help of all the nations to track them down.

    There's another question, what are the big secret money banking countries nowadays?
    I know the old "Swiss bank account" cliche'.
    Are there more now?
    I'm dreadfully behind on my financial conspiracy reading. :rolleyes:
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    Make certain that Palin does not find about this post ... she is going to excommunicate you.
  10. Oct 26, 2008 #9

    I think this is just distributing the power among more nations - all the power/economy strength wouldn't be concentrated in US which is good. Secondly, there is no solution without collaborations .. so I see this much more like brining different nations together to solve the crisis and hence promoting further co-operation among them.
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