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UFO-Electromagnetic Levitation Demonstration

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    Can anyone help me understand what's happening in this video? Is it a total bamboozle, or is there anything to it?

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    It looks like normal magnetic levitation to me. Nothing particularly exciting about that.
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    Just search youtube for magnetic levitation and you'll get some interesting vids. Also diamagnetic levitation is also quite interesting. Ever see a floating (or flying) frog?
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    No, but I wouldn't mind it. I should check that out.
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    Yeah, I've seen that floating frog. They used an extremely powerful magnetic field. Fascinating!
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    Yup. That'd be it. The official website is here:
    http://www.hfml.ru.nl/froglev.html [Broken]
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    Well, sort of. The coil looks OK, but I can't see the stabilization. Is there something in that platform underneath? Or am I completely missing it?
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    The coil creates a alternating magnetic field around it. This induces an opposing alternating magnetic field, from eddy currents, in the alluminum plate under the coil.

    You can do it with a small coil of wire plugged directly into the wall, if the coil has the right reactance. To large a coil will be too heavy. To small a coil will melt. You need the metal plate and alluminum or copper is best.

    Would be interesting to calculate how intense a field you would need to get enough inductive reaction from the air or vacuume. So you could do it without the metal plate.
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    This is the mechanism I've heard of before for this phenomenon. I'm sure the magnetic permeability of the metal plate and the AC frequency play a role. Is it just coincidence that 120 Hz is in the correct frequency range? What frequency would give you maximum efficiency?
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    It just easiest to plug it right into the wall. You wind the coil to get maximum current, without melting the coil or blowing the breaker. I would hazard a guess there is a certain frequency which would maximize the distance. There has got to be a paper somewhere that has experimented with all the variables?

    You can do the opposite as well, floating an aluminum plate or bowl over top of a strong AC electromagnet.

    http://www.ovalecotech.ca/ovlpics/faralev.gif [Broken]
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