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B What does the levitating frog feel?

  1. May 28, 2017 #1
    If you were suspended inside and iron armor between an electromagnet and the ground it is obvious that you would feel your weight against that armor, but when a frog is suspended by diamagnetic levitation I understand that it feels weightlessness. If this is correct, that means that if it were possible to do that with humans you would have a "virtual" rollercoaster or drop tower, because from off to on you would go from 1 g to 0 g, so you would have an incredible sensation. Imagine that with virtual reality glasses. What do you think?
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    Since there IS a force being applied to the frog's body, I don't see how it could feel exactly like free-fall. It certainly would feel different than just sitting on the ground since the force is distributed throughout the body.
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    I guess it would feel more like floating in water.
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    That would require that the electromagnetic force field is sufficiently homogeneous. I don't think that bones and different tissues have identical diamagnetic properties and therefore expect that the frog can feel the difference.
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