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Undergrad on the cusp of grad school. Pleased to meet you!

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    I'm a senior-level undergrad student only two classes away from graduating with my BS in physics. I'm very interested in condensed matter, solid state, and device physics. My dream is to help make Moore's law a thing of antiquity.

    I'm taking this fall semester off to pursue internship opportunities and apply to grad schools as well as take the Physics GRE. I'll go back to school in the spring to finish an E&M theory class and BIO 101. Hopefully I will have a spot waiting for me in grad school when I graduate: I'll be pushing very hard these next few months to make that a reality.

    These forums have already helped me a lot during my school years, and I expect to learn a lot more about both the material we study and the way we study it! I'll also tune in for valuable insight on the GREs and grad school applications.

    Pleased to meet you all!
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    Welcome to the PF, Alex!
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