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Undergraduate Thesis - FEA and Quantum Computers

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    Hey everyone,

    I've started to do research for my undergraduate thesis topic and I would like to use FEA with an application to quantum computers. I'm thinking of something in regards to mechanical vibrations, however I'm open to consider anything given it's possible at the undergraduate level. Due to my study plan, I have around 1 and a half years to conduct my thesis.

    If anyone has any ideas, even to say its not feasible, please feel free to post them here.
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    I'm not seeing any relationship between FEA and quantum computers. There may or may not be one, but unless you can articulate more specifically what you mean, I'd think about other ideas.
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    An FEA project which requires a new computing paradigm is, defacto, a computing paradigm project.
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    My apologies, I didn't mean FEA on quantum computers. I meant, for example, the vibration of components of the cooling systems required for quantum computers. That sort of application of FEA.
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    It kind of seems like you're trying to shoehorn "quantum computers" in your thesis idea, without it really having anything to do with them.

    I'd recommend thinking a little more critically about the problem you're trying to solve. If it's FEA heat exchanger analysis, call it that.
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