1. J

    Schools Pros and Cons of Michigan State Physics

    Does anybody here have any experience with Michigan State’s undergraduate physics program? If so, what stuck out to you and what did you like/dislike about it?
  2. Minwell

    Schools Deciding on Undergrad Schools

    Hello everyone. I am currently a senior in a high school in Canada and I am deciding on which university to go. I now have offers from University of Toronto, Waterloo, and probably British Columbia and McGill. Although my preference is Toronto, I am still wondering if anybody else in this forum...
  3. K

    Need help finding the restraining reaction force for a beam

    1. The illustrated structure is affected by a known couple, and try to figure out the restraining reaction force of the hinge A and hinge E. We should analyse ECD instead. Since arm CD is a two force members, so N(C) in in the direction where CD connects by these two points. The distance from...
  4. R

    Physics Should I switch to astrophysics?

    Like many of you, I have always enjoyed physics and math throughout high school. When applying to universities, I was quite unsure about my goals, so I applied to both engineering and science majors. I have always been deeply fascinated by astronomy, but I enjoyed environmental science as well...
  5. U

    Other 3-year B.S. Physics vs. 4-year B.S.+M.S. vs. ...

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the Physics Forums, so please feel free to visit the linked thread if you'd like to know a bit about me: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/hello-everyone.960116/ And please ask any questions if you need to know more about my situation, since I have a bit of an...
  6. SebastianRM

    I What happens to the Electrical Potential the closer we are to a point charge?

    So I have been wondering: The potential for a point charge at the origin, is described as: (Using the reference point at infinity): V=1/(4πε) * q/r My question is, what happens to this Potential the closer we are to the point charge, and so the closer we would get, the Potential seems to go...
  7. Y

    Hello everyone!

    I'm a undergraduate student majoring in physics. I always want to learn something new.
  8. A

    Studying Starting UGrad Phys, haven't studied Maths/Phys for a year

    Hoping I can find some help here, anyway a bit of context; I studied Maths/Physics/Computer Science at A-Level (Finished at 18 years old, not sure what that is in America), and passed them all with good grades, and decided to take a gap year to work on some own personal aims/goals of mine...
  9. Fabrizio Vassallo

    Fabri's Presentation

    Hello everyone! I am Fabrizio Vassallo, 17 years old high school student in northern Argentina! I'm a physics enthusiast and would love to study that in the future. My idea is to study abroad, but I find that particularly difficult since money is a pretty big issue for me, not because I'm...
  10. Zack K

    Programs How to best prepare for a physics major

    So in a couple weeks I'm going into university to study physics and I just have so many things going over my head. The main thing I am afraid of is failure. I'm planning to go on to a top grad school in the future and then go on to pursue a PhD in astrophysics. I've been looking forward to doing...
  11. CDL

    Studying Higher Year Physics Studies with a Shaky Foundation

    I have just finished my first semester of third year undergraduate physics, and have a 3-4 week break before my next semester, in which I will be taking a third course in electromagnetism (classical electrodynamics). It is my second course with a full focus on electromagnetism, since in first...
  12. C

    Programs SF Bay Area night/part time undergrad physics programs?

    Does anyone know of any night B.S. Physics programs in the SF Bay Area? I can't switch jobs or stop working full time. I don't have the luxury to go back to school full time, nor extra financial support. I want to go back to school for a completely different career path. I currently have a...
  13. AirmanX

    Programs Academic Advice -- Re-entering an undergraad physics program after 4 years off...

    Perhaps this isn’t the place to ask, but I was just looking to hear opinions from some people on here about my situation. I’ve been out of school for 4 years now, having left to enlist with the Air Force. While in school I was majoring in Physics/Mathematics. I was a B student in Physics 1, 2...
  14. J

    Schools High School Physics

    Would it be a good idea to take both AP Physics C and AP Physics 2 in my senior year of high school (next year for me)? Does anyone have any experience with this and if so what was it like? Would I be biting off more than I can chew or should I go for it?
  15. D

    Schools Which Florida school is the best for undergraduate physics?

    I got accepted into both FSU and UCF (I would've chosen UF, but I missed the application deadline). I keep hearing really good things about FSU's program, but it'd be a lot more convenient for me to go to UCF for more than one reason. That being said, is FSU's undergraduate physics program that...
  16. C

    Is modern physics as a course necessary for all future physicists?

    So I'm about to start my second year of college soon, I'm majoring in physics. I've noticed that some universities (places like Princeton, MIT, etc) don't have a course on modern physics, where a more superficial treatment is given to things like special relativity, quantum mechanics...
  17. Monci

    Quantum physics time evolution of an overlap

    1. Homework Statement I'm trying to solve the following problem. (a) was easy but I am stuck at (b). 2. Homework Equations Since we are told that the Hamiltonian is conserved, and the answer is in terms of the uncertainty of H, I assume I have to use the conservation of uncertainty. Maybe...
  18. D

    Other Biomedical Engineering considering Applied Physics

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on here so idk if I'm under the right forum lol. I am an undergad in BME and WAS on the pre-med track. I always "wanted" to be a doctor just because I didn't really know much about other careers but also A LOT OF FAMILY PRESSURE. I finally decided to...
  19. U

    Do professors allow outsiders to assist with research

    I have a bachelor's in physics but I wasn't great as a student and didn't do research. Do you think a professor at the University near me would allow me to fill an undergraduate research position so I could eventually use that experience and relationship as a reference for graduate school?
  20. Ian Baughman

    Courses Numerical Linear Algebra or Modern Algebra

    So I am working out a course schedule for my last two years of undergrad and have room for only one more math class but do not know which would be more beneficial. The two courses are Intro to Modern Algebra or Numerical Linear Algebra. I am working towards a bachelors degree in physics and plan...
  21. Y

    Physics A taste of Physics and Computer Science

    Hello. This is a follow up question of this thread: (https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/confused-between-physics-and-computer-science.884599/page-3) I have always been interested in Physics since high school but I found first year undergraduate Physics very boring and I think I may have...
  22. W

    Studying Bad Problem-Solving Habits

    Hi all, I am an undergraduate Physics student. I have recently realised that I am extremely bad at solving "new" problems related to the topics I am working on. Trying to do any question that deviates slightly from the norm will cause me to be stuck on that problem for hours, usually to no...
  23. S

    I Angle of foreshortening?

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following problem. I am doing a independent lab at the moment. I am using video footage to measure displacement of a ball. I have cameras set up on the x and y axis where a ball is in line with the centre of both cameras. I have 1cm grids on...
  24. B

    Schools Having Trouble Finding a Math Undergraduate Research Project

    I am an undergraduate pursuing mathematics and computer science in the research university at U.S. Inspired from the applications of algebra to math and statistics, I have been trying to find a suitable project in the mathematics with supervision from a faculty member, or a reading course in...
  25. W

    Courses Mathematics in Physics vs Business/Econs

    Hi guys, i'm whether or not the difficulty in undergraduate business /economics mathematics matches up to that of physics, or even vice versa. This is mainly because i'm trying to make decision on whether or not to take up business/economics as an elective course alongside my Physics major...
  26. obstinatus

    Other How can I do an internship? What alternatives are there?

    Hello all, I've recently recovered from a long spell of extreme underachievement in undergrad, having nearly been suspended, due to depression from a variety of factors. This past semester I performed significantly better by rediscovering my love of physics and taking advantage of resources...
  27. J

    When did QM become standard Curriculum

    Hi all, Given that usually the most recent subject taught in a standard undergraduate curriculum is quantum mechanics, which was developed in the first half of the twentieth century, when did it become a standard part of the curriculum for undergraduates?
  28. Ryaners

    Finding sum of infinite series

    [Please excuse the screengrabs of the fomulae - I'll get around to learning TeX someday!] 1. Homework Statement Find the sum of this series (answer included - not the one I'm getting) 3. The Attempt at a Solution So I'm trying to sum this series as a telescoping sum. I decomposed the...
  29. Avimanyu Ray

    Quantum Starting books for Quantum Mechanics

    Hello I'm an undergrad. Can anyone suggest me books, articles, lectures for studying quantum mechanics as a fresh starter? I tried r. Shankar but it only mathematical to me, couldnt get the physical significance. On the other hand, Griffith got way deep in concepts without sufficient examples...
  30. B

    Programs Physics Graduate Programs with No Official Background

    Dear Physics Forums friends, I am a college senior at US pursuing the mathematics and microbiology majors. Getting to the core of my question, I am curious if the graduate programs in physics (at least in US) also consider applicants from no official background in physics. I started out as an...