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Understading control mechanics of a surgical device

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    Hello everyone,
    This Moslem fathy, I am a heart surgeon,
    This is a video of a surgical device, I would like to understand its mechanism in some


    this is a pdf that expalins the concept

    I would like to know how the movment is transmitted, augmented or dampened
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    It appears to be reasonably well described in the paper you posted. See para 5.4 "Transmission system".
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    The scaling of movment is another point that I want to understand, how to do it? It just mentioned in the pdf but not how
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    If the input and output levers are the same size you get unscaled movement. If they are different sizes you get more or less movement proportional to the difference. Look at bicycle side pull hand brakes. You pull many centimeters but the brakes only move a small fraction of that.

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