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CONFIG.SYS is the primary configuration file for the DOS and OS/2 operating systems. It is a special ASCII text file that contains user-accessible setup or configuration directives evaluated by the operating system's DOS BIOS (typically residing in IBMBIO.COM or IO.SYS) during boot. CONFIG.SYS was introduced with DOS 2.0.

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  1. W

    I Need Help Identifying Old Optic Device

    I got this out of an old chemistry lab I cleaned out to use for experiments when I was in college in 1983. I kept it but never knew what it was for. Neat antique box specifically designed for this device. Some optic device with a pivoting mirror. Almost looks like it would be for a laser table...
  2. Spinnor

    I Interesting sound-making hydrogen-burning device

    There is an interesting video on the Wiki page for Hydrogen. A metal enclosure made of two funnels with a smaller hole at the top and a larger hole at the bottom is initially is filled with hydrogen gas. The covered holes are opened and the hydrogen escaping the top hole is lit. After a few...
  3. B

    I need help with a car anti-theft device circuit schematic

    I'm working on a school project and I have to find and/or make a circuit schematic to a car anti-theft system that will disconnect the car battery shortly after the car alarm goes off. I am new to the electronic engineering field but I can differentiate a few different components on a schematic...
  4. S

    What does a numerical rating mean? Mechanical equipment or device

    A certain mechanical appliance or device is given a rating that says, a certain operation or a certain movement can be performed some specified thousand times. What does the rating really mean? Was that movement or operation performed until the piece failed? Does it mean some advanced test...
  5. varocketry

    Request a Diagram or Explanation to wire 220v-50/60hz UK 3-wire device

    Planning a kitchen renovation. We've found a SIEMENS iQ700 glass downdraft extractor [model LD98WMM60B] that we'd love to use. It, of course, is only available in EUROPE. EAN code : 4242003907122 Connection rating : 300 W Fuse protection : 10 A Voltage : 220-240 V Frequency : 50; 60 Hz Plug...
  6. phinds

    I Question about the William Herschel Telescope's new "Weave" device

    This article https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-62321537 makes it sounds like quite a big deal and if the description is accurate then that seems like a reasonable characterization, however I have little to no knowledge to base any judgment on AND this is a pop-science type of...
  7. .Scott

    Electron movement in Polyacetylene modeled in quantum device

    Researchers at the Center of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology released a study published by Nature describing a quantum device that models the motion of electrons in Polyacetylene. The device is not a general purpose quantum processor, but the methods they used...
  8. person123

    Device For Driver Communication Between Vehicles

    I'm putting this here because the ideas just a result of hours in traffic, but I'm curious what people would say about it. It would be a device for drivers to communicate with each other to decide who should go first when it's ambiguous (e.g. merging, changing lanes in front of someone...
  9. J

    I Is this water pumping device using the Rankine cycle?

    A while back a was messing around in the shop, and ended up making this water pump that uses only heat to pump. The two check valves are the only moving parts. Here is a drawing of what it looks like inside. Here is another drawing of what I believe it is doing in its cycle. The system...
  10. A

    Sliding doors operated by a remote control device

    Attached are some Sliding doors images. Can they be operated with a remote control device? The remote control device will have buttons for opening & closing the left and right door. What will be the design & construction changes in the sliding doors so that they can be operated using a remote...
  11. DaveC426913

    "Magic" AA batteries in a home device?

    I am mystified. My number-combo door lock (one of two I have) is powered by 4 AA batteries. It has been working for so long I don't remember when I installed it - musta been ten years at least. The batteries have begun to run down - it labours to retract the dead bolt now - so it's time to...
  12. hugo_faurand

    How to make an audio processing device for noise reduction ?

    Hello everyone !I am working on noise reduction and I wanted to do some experiments with an arduino. I took an arduino which get music (as an example) in input by jack. It also has a microphone and in a first try the goal is to get as an output the music - the noise around... To act like a kind...
  13. anikad

    Which variables determine the exact output of this condensing device?

    Good day all:smile:! I've been researching on 'Atmospheric water harvester' (AWH) devices. As I researched many functioning mechanisms on such devices, the most workable mechanism to me seems to be the one illustrated in the picture attached to this thread. (i.e running hot...
  14. naviakam

    I Plasma device power supply

    In a plasma device, the plasma is generated by applying high voltage in a gas. What are the specifications for the power supply producing such plasma? The output must be AC or DC? Pulsed or not? What are the current, voltage, etc...?
  15. microatx

    Is this fringe device possible?

    Firstly hello everyone and sorry for my broke english, Maybe you can remember there was some kind of sound device in the fringe. Peter Bishop designed and we've seen the observes use it too. This device was able to reconstruct a sound of past using traces left by sound's interaction with the...
  16. N

    Using delicate 5V IC to toggle 12V device with MOSFET, Diode, resistor

    Hey all, I have a 5v IC that is triggered by a sensor to unlock the 12v lock, I am using a NPN transistor as a switch with the 5v VCC as the gate, I need it to sink back to the GND of the IC without blowing it, is this safe? If not what changes would you suggest, it has been years since I've had...
  17. A

    Medical Multiple simultaneous sample observations on a Microscope device?

    Is it possible to design & construct a Microscope (optical or Electron) which can take multiple slides samples instead of a single sample slide at a time?. Possible construction of the Sample Slides target is a circular disc holding say 5-10 sample slides. The Circular disc can be rotated...
  18. G

    Photon and Neutrino detector and photon trawl device

    Summary:: Hello I am a writer and presently working on treatment for a science-fiction story. So I am not a scientist, just a neophyte interested in science and wanting to write a fiction that would not be too far-fetched and that would make some sense for everyone, including the scientific...
  19. Twigg

    What do you call a device that assigns IP addresses to USB ports?

    I remember having a device in a previous job that you could plug into your TCP/IP network, and would allow you to communicate with several connected serial ports as if they were TCP/IP ports with their own addresses. (I know you could do this with a computer, but there was also a purpose-made...
  20. f95toli

    Storing device parameter data for a measurement system

    We are working on new software for one of our measurement systems (written in Python). The new system is capable of measuring more devices simultaneously than before so keeping track of what we are doing is important; it will also be more automated. One of the things we want to implement is...
  21. S

    The reservoir of refrigerant between condenser & metering device

    When I was looking at the list of related threads to my thread "How does metering device in an A/C cause flash gas", I noticed an interesting thread titled "How does low charge on an A/C cause the subcooling to be low". PeterDonis and fourthindiana had an interesting conversation on that...
  22. S

    How does metering device in an A/C cause flash gas?

    When refrigerant enters the metering device of an air-conditioner, the refrigerant enters the metering device as 100% liquid. When the refrigerant in a straight air-conditioner goes through the metering device, the metering device lowers the pressure of the refrigerant a great deal. The...
  23. Flash27

    B Can anyone tell me the name of this device?

    Just need to see what the name of this device is. Model number would also be helpful.
  24. SaabGuy

    Help with a device like a salad spinner

    How did you find PF?: Google search I would like to discuss a simple mechanical system for a project of mine. Here it is if anyone can solve it: Allow me to explain what is required. The circle needs to spin via a downward force represented by the black arrow. The red arrow is the direction...
  25. K

    Could a battery charger be damaged more easily than the battery / device?

    I've got an electric toothbrush which is rechargeable, it had been regularly used and charged for years until one day it didn't charge. I immediately thought that the toothbrush was failing but at the end of the day I found that it was the charging stand failing, the toothbrush was fine. But I...
  26. T

    Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) No Drive Letter

    Problem: Tablet is not detectable by computers. Yet... it is noted as "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)" in the device manager under Universal Serial Bus controllers. I have already done the basic 30 articles reading and tried the standard suggestions including: Try a...
  27. K

    Could x-ray or other high energy device alter rice grains?

    I almost always buy food from local market but recently I want to buy some rice (and probably other foods later) overseas which will be imported through our customs, so most likely the food will be scanned through x-ray or other high energy devices that I don't know, could rice grains or other...
  28. tommy7

    Mechanical device trigger with variable time delay (100-500ms)

    This device, if it or something similar exists at all, needs to be completely mechanical without ANY electricity and be really precise and strong (to last a long time). Press a button in order to trigger the start of the delay time. It must start only when the button is fully pressed down (or...
  29. S

    Conductivity of hydrogel with rubber silicone in NMES device

    I have a question in regards to a neuromuscular device. Can silicone be combined with hydrogel or the rubber silicone encased in hydrogel to form a wrist watch strap combined with a NMES device. If this is possible how would the hydrogel conduct the NMES device and what is the durability of...
  30. B

    Is this an idea or a device? (fusion plasma confinement configuration)

    The idea itself is to create in a toroidal chamber a spiral-shaped plasma filament with a singularity in the form of a ring of rotating plasma, in which the concentration of ions and the duration of nuclear interaction increase during electrostatic compression. For this, it is proposed to wind a...
  31. person123

    Optical Compact Device For Measuring Speed of Light

    Hi. This is an idea which I just happened to think of, and I was curious if it would be at all feasible. Here's a quick sketch I drew: The two curved mirrors should have a laser attached on one end and a video camera attached on the other. The laser would be tilted very slightly above...
  32. T

    How to Measure and Calculate Band Gap of a Photovoltaic Device

    Hi there! I bought a photovoltaic cell. I would like to learn its band gap at 300 K and 0 K. How can i measure band gap or calculate? I have already measured Temperature to Vmax values. I couldn't find any good information about this topic. Thanks.
  33. cianfa72

    Relations between ##k## Currents & Voltages for Black-Box Device

    Hi, I'm aware it is an odd question. Consider a ##k##-terminal electrical device as black-box. We know from KLC and KLV that just ##k-1## currents and ##k-1## voltages are actually independent (descriptive currents and voltages). Furthermore we generally expect there exist ##k-1## relations...
  34. R

    B Modern Cavendish vs LIGO: Gravity Scale & Wave Interruption?

    What is the scale of magnitude of gravity, that a modern Cavendish like laser detector of gravity pull between small daily size objects can detect in comparison to the magnitude of gravitational wave a LIGO like detector can detect? Will such a modern Cavendish like device measurements be...
  35. Rx7man

    Engineering Limits Challenged: Metering Device Project

    Once again I'm looking at a project that is challenging my engineering limits! I have a type of metering device that has an electromagnetic coil that actuates it, it's designed to be relatively linear motion depending on amperage applied through it, and it has a variable resistor as a sensor for...
  36. reg326j

    Building Small Lifting Device with Kohree Motor

    I am trying to build a device that will push up a small piece of wood (attached to a weight) from its’ base to support 10 pounds. I would only need to move 1 to 2 inches. My device would be about 1 - 2 feet wide. I would use perhaps this motor: Kohree 12V DC Gear Motor 30RPM Small High Torque...
  37. Yashi234

    Mechanical lifting device

    I thought of using hydraulic Ram n actuators but was informed no power available on some site. I am thinking if we can use pulley mechanism from back that connects to top of overhead. I hv modified the container n attached screenshot of how it has to be. Please help if you know of a way to lift...
  38. L

    Solving the 1D Poisson equation for a MOS device

    Hey everyone, I'm currently working on a 1D Poisson Solver for a MOS device (Al-Si-SiO2). Therefore, I programmed a Poisson Solver which is appling a boxintegration (Finite Volume Method) through the structure from φ(0) at the metal-oxide interface and φ(x_bulk = 20 nm) in in the silicon bulk...
  39. Marilyn67

    A R. Mallett's Device: Exploring Weak Energy Possibilities

    Hello, I am sorry to raise this old subject concerning the device of R. Mallett, in particular, one is right to quote has violation of the condition on the weak energy which is not respected. Okay, let's give up this violation of the weak energy condition for now. In my opinion, the big...
  40. L

    B Does a rubber mat on a device prevent static build up

    Does a rubber mat on a device prevent static build up and discharge on a metal device well using it
  41. Quantum Alchemy

    I What exactly is a measurement device and how does it work?

    What exactly is a measurement device and how does it carry out a measurement? For instance, in the double slit experiment, you always hear about particle/wave duality. When it's not being measured it behaves like a wave but when a measuring device is placed by the slits, it behaves like a...
  42. derekmatthew

    Trying to make an electromagnetic shaker device

    Hello, I'm trying to make an electromagnetic shaker but I'm not sure if this is possible? Basically I want to wrap an iron core with a solenoid and use AC to shake a magnet at some distance away. I'm not certain on the approach at the moment but I'm kind of looking at the feasibility at the moment.
  43. B

    Focused Acoustic Shock Wave Device for Generating High Pressures

    I am trying to come up with a design for a device that can generate very high and very brief waves of pressure directed at a 1 mm diameter target (shown as "E" in "Diagram.PNG") housed in a steel support structure "D". The idea is to accelerate hammer "A" towards anvil "B" in a vacuum tube. The...
  44. areamer02

    How do peak flow meters measure flow rate?

    I am in pharmacy school and my professor recently went over lung diseases with us. An important (and cheap) tool that many patients can use to detect whether their lung function is declining is a peak flow meter, which tells the patient how much air they are moving when they exhale with as much...
  45. S

    MHB Maximizing Probability of Finding Explosive Device in Bounded Domain

    I am trying to solve the following problem. Let us take a bounded domain $S$ in which an explosive device is located. A team is deployed to locate and disable the device before a certain time T (when the device explodes). There are several criteria to be satisfied: 1. The domain $S$ is...
  46. F

    Solving the Debate Over Photon Counting With a Scintillation Device

    Hello, I'm working on a scintillation device to detect protons, I have a disagreement with one professor and I would like your opinion. There is one photodiode model we want to use to measure the light intensity from the scintillators, and we want to relate the signal of that photodiode with...
  47. D

    How to create device that makes electrical discharge

    How do I build a device that creates An electrical discharge between wires? I can build an oscillator. Do I Connect an oscillator to a transformer and connect the transformer to a pair of wires?
  48. jedishrfu

    B Physicists spot the signatures of nuclear fusion in a table-top device

    Want a nuclear fusion reactor for your home or office? No problemo... https://physicsworld.com/a/physicists-spot-the-signatures-of-nuclear-fusion-in-a-table-top-device/
  49. S

    Is it possible to construct such a computer peripheral device?

    There are many wireless communication standards like: - WiFi - DVB-T /DVB-A - LTE - FM broadcasting As far as I know they are all using electromagnetic waves. And if they are all sending then the electromagnetic field amplitude is the combination of them all. Is it possible to construct a...