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Unification 'theory' (small energy)

  1. Apr 7, 2008 #1
    i didn't know where else to post this. so my question is...

    we know from Einstein that energy can be matter and vice versa... but it is easier to convert matter to energy. my question is if strings are quantum matter then it must be very close to a quantum of energy (whatever it is).

    maybe if i explain it anecdotally it will make my question more clear. on unification:

    if a string occupies one of the smallest 4d boxes it has the best probability to (appear to) 'jump' around relative us, however in this 4d grid the string moves through every box at speeds close to c. the more strings that are put together the bigger the mass and therefore energy. It has a less probability to jump be cause the strings want to move in different directions. for instance the moon has infinitely more strings moves slower (relative to us) and because the gravity and the number of strings in the moon make it almost impossible for it to jump. it sounds a lot better in my head but if you can picture what i am saying then it might bring us closer to unification.
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