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Using Parametrics to Draw a Picture Advice

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    Disclaimer: Even though this problem originates from a project I was given in a math class, it doesn't really follow the format of any homework assignment and is really much more about general math question.
    In my math class I was given a project to draw an image with parametric equations.
    I want to have a bit of fun with this. I was looking into doing a simplified version of starry night based off this picture:
    I have to represent my drawing with a single equation, but I can define different equations on different intervals of t, so thats not a real problem.
    I wanted to ask several general questions to get this project underway.
    1. are there any programs you guys can point me to in order to graph a lot of parametrics each on different intervals of t.
    2. are there any functions you guys can think of that approach 1 for a very small interval of t and is almost 0 for all other intervals of t.
    3. same as second except approaches t and is 1 at all other values.
    4. same as second except approaches t and is 0 at all other values.
    5. Any ideas for a good set of general parametric functions to represent each petal in the tower. A function that I can then modify the intervals/equations to make most of the rest.
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