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Using the Makxsf code to produce a library

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    I'm studying in the field of library production for code MCNP. I use makxsf Code to do this operation. I have a simple example . I've produced library by makxsf for this simple example. I've encountered some problem now.
    keff has decreased in the higher temperatures suitably, but keff has increased in several temperatures after all. And my question is now ,why is increased??? I was wondering if you could help me.
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    results have been uploaded and are available at the link below

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    I am sorry,
    I want to ask you how to use makxsf sofware,
    I have the sofware and the manual pdf file
    but still confuse how to use it.
    could you send some example of makxsf input file
    my email is arifisneni@gmail.com
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