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A Variance of mass inside a black hole

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    I need to calculate the variance of mass released when a particle jumps down or up between energy levels
    inside a black hole , i dont know where to begin
    any advice will help
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    We have no idea what happens to mass when it gets to the singularity in a black hole, but I doubt it's still able to jump energy levels. Why do you need to calculate this?
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    its for my final project degree
    helping my professor, i regret it now for choosing this subject :)
    thanks anyway
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Your professor is okay with this topic? Can you post links to other work that has been published in this area? As phinds says, on the surface of it, the question would seem not to make sense.
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    Wouldn't that require you to successfully merge quantum mechanics with general relativity? Seems difficult for a school project.
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    Changes in energy levels are typically associated with electrons in an atom jumping from one shell to another. This cannot happen at the 'surface' or interior of a black hole because atoms and even their constituent particles are deconstructed before they can get that close to a gravitational singularity. It probably cannot even occur in the case of a neutron star or white dwarf for similar reason. Electrons are disassociated from atoms in degenerate matter states..
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    thanks everyone for their answer
    but my task is only in statistical quantum-thermal approach to the problem , i found that bekenstein already did it for mass but i need the same for charge,he assumed Q=0 , and i guess its not the same solution
    i uploaded it ,its from the book to fulfill a vision - Yuval Ne'eman http://www.abebooks.com/products/isbn/9780201052893?cm_sp=bdp-_-9780201052893-_-isbn10
    anything will be very helpful

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