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Velociraptor (could have) had feathers

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    Since someone pointed out that Jurasic park got it wrong and Velociraptors weren't the big scary ones. The official motto of xkcd had been changed to:

    Say no to velociraptors (and all other members of the dromaeosaurid family).

    Not quite as catchy but it's important to get the terms right when a large extinct predator leaps out from under you bed.
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    Hasn't it been suspected that they've have feathers for quite some time now? I remember once seeing a picture of a Velociraptor skeleton embedded in shale that shows the outlines of feather-type structures. Jurassic Park didn't really stay that true with the dinosaurs features anyway. Remember Dilophosaurus?

    On a side note, didn't someone recently unearth the skeletons of young Tyrannosaurus (chicks?) that appear to be covered with downy feathers?
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    I believe the History Channel did a special a couple years ago depicting all the two legged dinosaurs with feathers, including T-Rex. Some of the species, they now think, wore Dockers.
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