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Velocities of earth's atmosphere, exosphere etc

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    Earth's atmosphere at sea level has the same velocity as earth's solid surface: 465metres/sec. What about at higher heights? E.g. what's the velocity of the (particles of) exosphere?
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    D H

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    I have to get ready for a meeting, so this will be a bit brief. I'll give you some search terms. Try these, and come back with some more specific questions.
    • Diurnal bulge
    • Atmospheric tides
    • Neutral wind velocity
    • Upper atmosphere wind velocity
    • Upper atmosphere density variations
    • Effect of solar activity on the upper atmosphere
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    The question was full lucid and specific: The motion Δx of the speed 465meteres/sec of the air is that which is drawn on the reference frame which does not move together with the self-rotating motion of the earth. Thus I asked the velocities the Δx of which are drawn on that reference frame.
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    Earth's upper atmosphere is extremely turbulent, partly because it is less dense and partly because the sun has a night and day effect. The cooler night air tries to descend against the rising air currents on the dayside - and clouds stir the mix. It is quite chaotic and having meteoroligists trying to explain the effects on local weather day by day further compounds matters.
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