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Very strange situation advice please

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    I am a first year Materials Science & Engineering major at UCLA, and was recently offered (sort of) admittance into Stanford if I wanted to transfer. What do you guys think? Would this be a bad move? I have some of my own ideas but I would like to hear from you, thanks.
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    It all depends on your own objectives.
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    Are you happy at UCLA? If so, then I see no reason to pack up and possibly have to start over at a different university.
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    I would get the hell out of L.A and drive up to Palo Alto immediately!

    1) Palo Alto is like dream city to live (especially compare to L.A)
    2) Stanford is a better school (at least to my impression, I've visited both school)
    3) It's at the heart of silicon valley. There are much more job/intern opportunity for engineers in general. Google, Apple, Cisco, SRI,...etc
    And I personally know many of my friends from doing intern there.
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    While Stanford is [generally] a better school...
    How much does UCLA cost? Stanford cost? Is cost an issue?
    What are your grades like? Will credits transfer?
    What does "sort of" mean?
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    Well, as far as costs go, I am out of state at UCLA and I think it is actually a little cheaper at Stanford. What are my grades like? - well that's the thing, I am the type of learner where I don't excel with my grades, but I excel in other places, i.e. have published papers, given talks at internation conferences, starting my own company... and I was recently up at Stanford and some people I am working with were telling me they might be able to get me in... So I am just toying with the idea, but these are people who are serious about this and I am trying to decide if it is worth it.
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    How can you not like UCLA with their undie run every semester!?!?

    On a more serious note from my perspective, there is much more to transferring than just academics. Consider your friends, family, and social life as well.
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    my son was incredibly happy at stanford. i think ucla is a terrific state school, but i suspect stanford is even a better school. and the percentage of good students is probably higher at stanford.

    ucla is a bigger school, and LA is a bigger town. why dont you visit stanford and see if you like it there more than at UCLA.

    i think it boils down to the difference between the lifestyles, in the short run anyway.
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    I think just based on aesthetics alone Stanford would be my school of choice (probably compared to most schools, too). I might be a bit biased because I am from the Bay Area, but Stanford is in one of the nicest and most scenic areas in the Bay Area.
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