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Video talk on Planck results by Kendrick Smith

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    Results and highlights from Planck
    Speaker(s): Kendrick Smith
    Abstract: Cosmological results from Planck, a third-generation satellite mission to measure the cosmic microwave background, have just been announced. These results improve constraints on essentially all cosmological parameters, and have implications for several preexisting sources of tension with the standard cosmological model, while also raising new puzzles. I will discuss these results and their significance, as well as the next steps forward.
    Date: 16/04/2013 - 11:00 am

    Fast well-organized 70 minute PIRSA talk, packed with goodies. Kendrick Smith has joint appointment at Princeton and at Perimeter. Coauthor of both WMAP and Planck cosmology reports and also coauthor with such as Wayne Hu and David Spergel. Seems mathematically talented in inventing new statistical tools.

    He gives an overview of the cosmology picture coming out of Planck plus a handful of special areas of analysis which seem especially interesting (and involve his own development of analytical methods) Includes his own hunches and opinions about results in future, which I found interesting.

    Here are his papers:
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    Another great PIRSA video to add to my watch list; when Ill get the chance i have no idea.
    In the mean time, did he mention how high the sigma is of these anomalies? I understood them to be around 3 sigma, not enough for a discovery in particle physics. but yet the guys at Planck were pretty certain this is real. Is it because WMAP saw the same anomalies or...?
    Does he think these could be signs of new physics or are they also entertaining some sort of systemic observation effect, are there any concrete proposals?
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    Phil, he made many reference to various findings being 2 sigma, others being 2.5 sigma, and others 3 sigma. I couldn't take it all in and keep it properly sorted out, so I'll have to watch the talk again.
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