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Visualization of entanglement when relative speeds differ greatly

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    I'd like to invite you to help me visualize the following (and point out possible flaws in the scenario).

    Let's assume that two particles are in an entangled state. We leave one of the particles here on Earth and put the other on a spaceship.

    We accelerate the spaceship to relativistic speed (say, 0.95 c).

    A person on the Earth starts to observe the particle.

    Another person on the spaceship also starts to observe the other particle.

    Time on the spaceship now passes much slower, as observed from an outside the frame, than on Earth.

    My question:

    - will the entanglement remain unbroken?
    - will I be able to observe the state of the particle on Earth?
    - will I be able to observe the state of the particle on the spaceship?
    - will the state of the spaceship particle change immediately (as observed from a non-spaceship reference) when the Earth-bound particle is observed? Will the spaceship observer see 'normal' particle behaviour on their side during observation?
    - will the two particles, under this scenario, still behave the same as they would in the same reference frame?
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    the entanglement is with photon pairs, the photon in any reference frame has a velocity of c notwithstanding the permittivity of the medium.
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    Also, the effects of entanglement are non-local, so time obviously would have no bearing.
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