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Medical Vitamin B12 causes Brain Shrinking!

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    Re: Vitamin Linked to Brain Shrinking!!!

    And at least half of the readers that see that headline will come away thinking that vitamins cause brain shrinkage. <sigh>
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    Re: Vitamin Linked to Brain Shrinking!!!

    I'm one of those that just peruse the headlines without reading the article.
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    Ah!! that explains why my memory keeps working better then comparable peers. I take those every day for a heart condition.

    Now, where did I leave them? :uhh:
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    HAHAHA! They changed it! (Both the mods as well as the BBC)

    When I first posted this my title was:
    "Vitamin Linked to Brain Shrinking"
    Which was the title of the article.

    The Mods of PF changed the title to "Vitamin B12 Causes Brain Shrinking!"
    WHICH WAS NOT MY DOING!!!! I never said "causes" I said "linked" like the article.

    The article's new headline is now:
    "Vitamin 'may prevent memory loss' "

    I assume because of complaints about a misleadign headline.

    Its funny that whatever PF mod moved this topic decided to take his interpretation of the title of the article (THUS PROVING MY POINT) and change the thread accordingly!

    Hilarious irony!

    My original point was just that the title of e article was misleading, trying to make the user read the article. It said vitamins were linked to brain shrinking. But in the article it states that that link is that it avoids shrinkage.

    Its like seeing:

    "Seat Belts Linked To Millions of Deaths in Auto Accidents"
    A new study shows that use of seat belts has saved millions of lives since first conception. Balh blah blah..

    soo misleading... But I guess thats why they changed it. But the mod changing the title is still funny!
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    Indeed, it was me :redface: :biggrin:
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    For a forum that apparently takes itself so seriously with their promotions and infractions I do not see what is funny about a moderator changing "Vitamin Linked to Brain Shrinking" to "Vitamin B12 Causes Brain Shrinking!"
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    no what happened, was I scanned the article very quickly and judging the thread content, I thought the title was a joke to get views. I then changed the title to the opposite, then read the article more closely and understood then. However I forgot the original thread title and put what I thought was an equivalent.
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    Yeah, I didn't think the BBC would change the title so quickly. The point was lost after that...
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    It seems Greg should get an infraction on his official record for 3 months, and you can forget about promotions as well Greg. ;)
  13. Sep 9, 2008 #12
    I'm going to lock this. Good catch Healey.
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