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Want to be a physicist or at least a good physics teacher.

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    I am a B.Tech graduate in Geoinformatics and currently IT Engineer. But I want to be a physicist. I am also a converted atheist. I am tired of the inability of human beings to feed themselves and to live a happy life, even though we have ability to think and discover. I think one big discovery that is answer to everything and can solve all the problems is what at least some should look for. Well it is very very difficult and may be impossible. But, it is only impossible when we believe the existence of God where He limits us from everything and controls this universe and hides it's mysteries. But when we think that there is no God, our universe is in our control, we can invent and discover almost anything, and we are the Gods.

    I don't know whether my average mind can be very helpful to this cause. But, I at least, will try to become a good physics teacher and I love to be one.
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