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War of the Planet of the Apes

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    Has anyone watched the latest War of the Planet of the Ape? I forgot about the virus the wiped out humanity so I rewatched the earlier installments. And learnt they needed to introduce stronger virus strain to serve as carrier for the formula to reach the brain because the earlier one showed rejection. And it was this virus that eventually was realized to be fatal to humans but not to moneys and it wiped out 98% of humanity.

    This look plausible.. and won't we have similar scenario in the future where the virus carrier of the cure can mutate and destroy us? What other movies have you watched with this same theme beside the Apes installments?
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    Really enjoyed the first two in the series. Looking forward to seeing this final one. Good reviews so far!
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    Gene therapy only patches small sections of DNA, it is not capable of infecting you. And most vaccines don't even have DNA in them, just the shell, which is what the immune system is triggered by. We don't really fight diseases with diseases.
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    Not yet, anyway...
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    There are a number of viruses including the measles and polio viruses that have been modified to treat such illness as Glioblastoma (brain tumor) and Myeloma (blood cancer).
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