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News Was Pat Tillman Murdered for Poitical Reasons

  1. Aug 2, 2007 #1
    This is very disturbing to me.

    He was shot 3 times in the forehead at close range, they burned his uniform and diary, the general who filed the false report has refused a subpoena and is now his whereabouts are unknown. The story that a soldier related to Larry King about how he died is now known to be a false. The doctor who performed the autopsy called for an investigation as was denied more than once.

    There was a definite coverup that was exposed. And now it appears that there was a second one, that is now being uncovered. We now know that Tillman was planning to come out publicly in opposition to the Iraq invasion. Coincidentally, Bush is withholding evidence claiming executive privelidge.

    Now I know I am paranoid, but is there something going on here that we should be concerned about?


    I will get more citations later, just thought you guys might be interested and I would like to hear your thoughts and whatever citations you can provide.
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    Tilman was an athiest and a patriot. The Bush administration smeared his name when he could not defend himself. Absolute shame. -Good man.

    We should have monuments for him.
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    My speculative opinion is that he pissed off another soldier and was murdered by him. Tillman may not have been liked by some of his peers. I wonder how this will pan out.

    But I very much doubt there was a conspiracy by the Bush admin.
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    I haven't heard that - do you have any documentation of that?

    Regarding the initial question, it is quite possible that he was murdered - for political reasons, I don't know anything about what they may be, but for personal reasons, maybe. It is also possible that he was hit by accident with a single 3-round burst from an M-16 by a well-trained soldier.

    The political reasons seem unlikely to me because lots of soldiers including many much much higher up than him have spoken out. It would not make any sense to murder him for that reason. It would serve no purpose. Yes, I agree that you are paranoid.
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    I haven't been following this story to a great extent, but I remember seeing something about him saying [while under fire] - “Stop shooting! I’m Pat fuc*ing Tillman, goddamnit!”
    Surely this must mean that whoever was shooting at him would have a chance to recover if it indeed was an accident.
  7. Aug 3, 2007 #6
    This is troubling.

    Tillman evidently had an enemy within his own company.

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    The account that describes Tillman's words also claimed that he was killed by a 50 caliber machine gun from a distance.
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    The facts as now known are 1) he was killed by friendly fire and 2) the official version of the circumstances as supplied by the troops in his company are in contradiction to the medical examiner's findings.

    The fact they have apparently lied is suggestive of a crime having been committed and if so the standard reaction of the military to whitewash such friendly fire incidents has aided them in their coverup.

    If it was a murder then anything regarding motive is pure speculation but imo it is fanciful to suspect any conspiracy at a senior level.
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    Not that it should be entirely ruled out as a murder, but I suspect there was a cover up simply because no one wanted to be implicated in a friendly fire incident (the kind of thing that destroys a career ya know) - especially a friendly fire incident involving a sports celebrity.
  11. Aug 6, 2007 #10
    Sorry I took so long to get back but I have been very busy and not on-line much.

    Here is what I read, I know you don't like the SF-GATE but it is my local paper. (I don't care for it much either, truth be told it to right-wing for my taste.:rolleyes:)


    Sure wish I knew what was in the diary they burned.
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    Um, none of that addresses the assertion I asked for documentation of...
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    If you are looking for documentation that Tillman had plans to speak out against the war in Iraq when he returned home, here is an interesting bit.


    If you want documentation that there was a conspiracy to kill Tillman, that documentation, if it ever existed, has been through the Pentagon paper shredder.
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    I can see murder by someone that didn't like him, I can see an accident. A conspiracy to kill him for what? Some soldier not privy to anything would need to be killed...why?
  15. Aug 9, 2007 #14
    I agree. Tillman may have been somewhat of a celebrity but he didn't have political pull. If people are going to be murdered for there political standing, then I would think that political leaders would be a more effective target. This is just conspiracy bologne.
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    I'd never even heard of him.

    Since this has turned into a conspiracy theory, thread closed.
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