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Ways to put subatomic particles in indeterminate state

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    1 what are the various methods/ways, besides quantum entanglement, to put, some of, the photon properties an indeterminate state?

    2 what are the various methods/ways, besides polarizers or measurement, to put the photon properties a determinate state?
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    Is this for schoolwork?
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    no, not a student.
    nor is it being posted for any friend or relative
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    OK, no problem. We're asking because you've written the question in a way that sounds as if it came out of a textbook or homework exercise, and these problems are handled separately in the homework forums (whether formally assigned schoolwork or not).

    But with that said... Loosely speaking, the only attributes of a particle that do have definite values are those that have been measured (polarizers to measure polarization, bubble chambers and photodetectors to measure position, and so forth) or that correspond to observables that commute with observables that have been measured. So we don't have to do anything special to prepare particles "in an indefinite state" because they're always that way whether we like it or not; and measurement is the only way of getting any attribute of the particle to be known.
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