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Weak measurement with post selection

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    I'm reading stuff about weak measurements with post selection and its likely ability to improve computational performance. What I'm curious about is whether weak measurement is a real thing or not. There are many papers showing how to do the measurements and the theory behind them, and then there are the nay-sayers (Lubos amongst them). I am wondering what are the consensus views on this, if there is a consensus?

    Thanks for your views.
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    Hi Bill, thanks for your "vote". I've read a number of papers on this and it all seems perfectly reasonable to me, on the other hand I've read many counter claims and they seem pretty reasonable too. This paper http://arxiv.org/pdf/0908.0035v3.pdf by Stephen Parrot was one that made me doubt the certainty of others claims. I am not qualified enough to make this judgment so I though I would appeal to the community for their opinions.

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    Had a quick scan of the paper - it didn't seem to doubt they exist - you cant really doubt that because its well defined mathematically - its challenging how you interpret it.

    I am not into semantics in physics - the math tells the story - call it what you like - interpret it anyway you like the math is the same.

    Its not simply theoretical - its experimentally established eg:

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    Thanks, I'll take a look at some of these and get back with questions.
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