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Weapon that produces the same effect as a taser?

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    I was thinking of a pistol that shoots out a pellet with two needles that pierce the body to produce the same effect as a taser. Would it be possible and must there be two needles to make a circuit?
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    that IS a taser. modern tasers shoot out 2 electrodes that contact the body and pass current between them. you do need 2 electrodes, with 1 electrode you would need much higher voltages to cause a discharge between the person and the earth, and this would probably kill them. with 2 electrodes you can pass current between them, with 1 electrode the current flows from the gun, through the person, to the ground. a person's shoes would insulate them so well from the ground that only a lethal amount of current and voltage could produce a discharge
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    As cpsinkule already mentioned this is a TASER - to be precise a Wireless eXtended Range Electronic Projectile (XREP).
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