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What age would you relive or change?

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    Any regrets about the past, or do you wax nostalgic for a special time of your life?
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    60s 70s smaller population, less taxes, better music, real food.
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    i don't know about better music; the beatles were just a boy band. but then there was pink floyd just a bit later...
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    Van Morrison was and is better anyway.

    Personally, i'm not nostalgic for any time per se, but i could certainly do without generica food. Hate that crap.
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    no no no no... just no ... *deep breaths* *hyperventilates* *steam coming out of ears* (just ignore the foolish remark, Moe Darklight, It's not worth it...) ... perhaps some other day I will explain to you the unsurpassed genius of the Beatles. You obviously seem to be suffering from some sort of temporary psychosis at the moment, hindering your ability to think straight.

    ... as for the mistakes question... a big, fat YES. If I could edit out some scenes from 2005-2006, I most certainly would.. but that's how high-school rolls I guess :yuck: ...
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    so much happened
    I was there and would go back in an instant!!!!!!
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    To hell with the past. I wanna see whats still to come!
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    Three headed toads and cyborgs :smile:
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    George Jones

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    Yes, fourier jr's post is quite humorous.

    You (moe darklight) might enjoy https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=124379".
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