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What are the differences between "infinite" and "eternal"?

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    What are exactly the differences between the term "infinite" and "eternal"? Some said the term "infinite" means no end but have beginning/starting for example, Cantor's countable infinity. While Cantor's countable infinity have no end, but we can START begin counting it from 1 and so on without stop.

    While "eternal" means no beginning and end, so are the term "eternal" greater than "infinite"? Thoughts?
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    "Eternal" means "lasts forever", referring to time. "Infinite" means "has no limit", referring to pretty much anything.
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    No, "infinite" CAN mean a beginning but no end, but it does not have to.

    As Nick said, "infinite" can refer to most anything including time, space, things, etc, but "eternal" means having no beginning or end and always means in time, not in space.
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