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What are the differences between laplace & fourier transform

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    What are the differences?
    I mean when we will make a decision "hmm now i must use laplace transform or now i must use fourier transform".

    What are the absences in laplace transform so fourier design a new transfom?

    I want to know these transforms' main idea, differences.

    I am looking for your answers.

    Thanks .
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    in applications you usually use Laplace transforms when you have initial conditions for a p.d.e. and u start at t=0. Thats because when you Laplace transform derivatives you get the initial conditions into the p.d.e.

    Often you Fourier-Laplace transforms differential equations too. If you have a p.d.e. for u(r,t) you can Fourier transform the position and Laplace transform the time. Then you get an easier equation for
    u(k,z), where k is the wave-vector. This is very useful when you want to derive the Greenfunction for a particular problem.
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