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What do I need to know for Pre-Cal, and what do I need to know to pass Pre-Cal?

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    Sorry if this post is too vague, but I'm new here. I believe this is the correct place to ask this question.

    Basically, I'm looking for a "checklist" of what I need to have known beforehand in order to accomplish Pre-Calc and what I need to know by the end of the course. I've been in honors math all throughout middle school and high school. When in eighth and ninth grade, I got lazy and didn't really pay attention during Geometry and Algebra. I want to catch up and review what I still need to know from that subject, such as functions and logs. When I moved to a new school they put me in a standard pre-calculus class; however, I got moved back up to honors this semester because I am more determined to do exceptionally well from here on out.

    I missed out on some things that my Pre-Cal honors teacher did during the first semester, and I want to have a little checklist to sort through so I can be familiar with all my material from before and during Pre-Cal.

    I understand this a lot to ask of people whom I don't even know, but I would be extremely grateful for help. I feel as though I have the ability to do very well, but I lack the resources and organization.

    We started calculus this week with limits. Please tell me if I need to post this topic elsewhere, or if this is an inappropriate question. Also if you need any additional information please ask, I would love to help you help me.

    EDIT: I mainly need to know what material from Algebra II is required to start Pre-Cal. (what I'm expected to know beforehand) Then I need to know what I'm expected to know in order to finish Pre-Cal and go on to AP Calculus. I hope that helps to clarify.

    EDIT #2 (Keep thinking of more!): If you feel comfortable, what is the most effective way to teach yourself a subject? My school isn't able to accommodate my schedule properly, and chances are, I will have to teach myself at least one AP subject. What is the best way to go about this? What resources do I have? Should I just buy a textbook and go at it, or should I find a private teacher somehow?
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    I suggest becoming familiar with the UNIT CIRCLE
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    Right, I've become very familiar with the unit circle. That's one thing, but I'm also looking for a more comprehensive list. I'm in my second semester of Pre-Calc now.

    Think of it like this, if I were going to take a test covering everything that one learns in pre-cal, what would I need to study?

    The things I can remember off the top of my head would be:

    Unit Circle
    Series & Sequences

    but that's all I can think of at the moment, so that's why I need help coming up with a full list. The unit circle is a good start though!
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    An internet search with google could lead you to courses and their State standards. Look for any course of interest and read its state standards. Other than that, you can find almost any used PreCalculus or College Algebra & Trigonometry textbook and study from it on your own. Pre-Calculus is a review of Algebra 2 and builds further from it; and is a review of most of a standard semester course of Trigonometry - a few things might be excluded, depending on the book chosen or depending on the instructor of any course in which you're enrolled.
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    What state are you in? Oftentimes the courses are standard throughout the states, and if you look the class up on your state's official government website, you can find a description of the curriculum.

    Definitely go over the unit circle as suggested, and my class covered regular derivatives, a bunch of arbitrary formulas, and a lot of logic stuff.

    My opinion - you should be fine. Just ask classmates for help when you need it.
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