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What do you find most interesting in physics?

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    Hey, I'm starting a career of knowledge in the subject of physics. I'm so interested in it because to me physics is the language of the universe and to know anything at all is to start in physics. I am just curious of what part of the subject made you so interested in physics.
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    Ken G

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    The idea that the universe in some sense "obeys rules" that we can understand was what got me into it. I just found that so amazing, it called for a closer look. Little did I know just how deeply one can choose to delve into those rules, with a surprise at every turn. Ultimately, you come away wondering if we are not in some sense "rigging the result" by making sure we ask the type of questions that can be answered via this "obeying rules" approach, but it is still amazing that there are any questions at all that can be addressed that way, even ones that are carefully chosen.
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    Wow, that was great to read. You opened my mind even more. Thanks for the response.
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