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What do you think about the Cosmic String theory?

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    "These are -- as their name suggests -- string-like objects that some scientists believe were formed in the early universe. These strings may line the entire length of the universe and are under immense pressure -- millions upon millions of tons.

    These cosmic strings, which are thinner than an atom, would generate an enormous amount of gravitational pull on any objects that pass near them. Objects attached to a cosmic string could travel at incredible speeds, and because their gravitational force distorts spacetime, they could be used for time travel. By pulling two cosmic strings close together, or one string close to a black hole, it might be possible to warp spacetime enough to create closed time-like curves."

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    I am not a physics professional but from what I have read on the subject it seems incredibly unlikely anything like cosmic strings or domain walls could exist without some sign of it having been observed by now. People have been specifically looking for at least a decade or two.

    (This is not to say research or astronomical searches for them are a waste of time or anything, just my understanding is that the weight of the evidence is against them existing right now.)
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    I share coin's objection - no observational evidence, no play. On the other hand, the search for such artifacts is worthwhile, IMO.
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    Bonus points for public funding if you use the words time travel.
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