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What do you think about the current situation of physics?

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    As we know, physics, so far is still a science of description, from the classical physics, to General Relativity, QM, even till now, the LQG, String theory........they are just theories that descript the mechanics of the world, i.e. quantum mechanics decripts the behaviour of stuffs in the very small scale, but not the reason of why they behave in this way.
    So I am wondering, what do you think about this situation, are you satisfied? If not, do you believe physics is the way to find the ultimate answer of existence?
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    No, I dont believe that any philosophy (scientific or otherwise) gives the ultimate answer to existence. I have no reason to believe there is an ultimate answer to existence. Im not even sure what the question is...?
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    I don't know what the question is either. But the answer is 42.
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    How can you explain something that you can't even describe properly? Obviously predictive power will come before theoretical explanation more often than not
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    Do you think we will ever find a fiffer feffer fef?
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    Yes, quite satisfied. Fundamental physics is progressing at a pace difficult to follow up to, and we are quite lucky to live those exciting times. A scientific answer always provides the "how" and never the "why" anyway. You always have a set of rule to start with. Maybe you feel so happy that the rules seem intuitive to you, so that you come to believe you get an answer to "why", but that is only because you accept the rules to start with. It may as well be that Nature has an infinite number of veils to hide, and all our answers are temporary.
    No, that is not a scientific question.
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